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Charlie is the captain of the One Man Empire movement - the UK's only closed-door community for male business owners.

You’ve probably seen some of the footage from his explosive underground docu-series that took the male business owner community by storm, racking up close to 0.86 million views in a few short weeks.

Charlie is the UK's leading digital direct marketing consultant and helps entrepreneurs create campaigns that sell. His books are distributed in over 175 countries, and have all stormed to best seller status, on the topics of direct marketing and business-building.

You may have read about him in Talk Business, Business Today or heard him on the BBC. You’ve probably seen more than a few of the online ads he’s written for clients since they’ve appeared on websites with a combined readership of 1.12 billion visitors a month.

His powerful sales campaigns and online lead generating promotions have been engaged by over a 5 million consumers and business owners people, contributing to over something £300 million pounds worth of sales for his satisfied clients.

As an international speaker, he’s shared the platform with and is listed along with side countless celebrities and thought leaders.

CHARLIE Hutton's Story


Today my friend, I’m going to get real with you for a moment and wind back the clock. You see go back a few short years, it’s 2013 and I’m alone.

Mentally, that is – not physically.

Emma, my beautiful wife, is still fuming and won’t talk to me and if I’m brutally honest I can’t say I blame her. Still, I thought I’d done the right thing by going.

You see, here in lies the trouble for those of us who are out there standing on our own two feet. It’s a lose-lose. And it’s why the likes of you and I that are in this game called business have problems.

Because I don’t know about you but, in my experience, while everyone else starts the day the same: wake up, shower, get dressed, go to work, it had become very apparent for me that...


You see, I’ll have you consider right now, and on this page, we don’t live the life they live.

Because back then and for me, in my business, my day started the moment I opened my eyes, and it finished the moment I shut them. No sick days. No weekends. No 9-to-5.

It’s 24/7. It’s life. It’s a hussle.

Trouble is, there’s only so much selfishness, sacrifice and general suffering the people around us can and will take.

And that Thursday morning, as I ate my breakfast staring at the packed bags in the hallway, I knew this was it… I knew I was in too deep… AND I finally knew that when it came to playing this game that we call business just working harder doesn't cut it anymore.

Trouble was, back then, I didn’t know how to play the game differently, especially as just one man at the helm of a business.


Because, I don’t know about you, but for me, I refuse to be controlled like everybody else. My mum has always said it’s this kind of thinking which is exactly why I’ve always been unemployable.

Truth be told the thought of someone else, something else, taking control of my life, makes me feel physically sick. It’s probably why back in 2013, I thought I was building a business - so I’d have control.

Trouble is, for me it took nearly 8 years in to realise that despite what I’d thought I was building... I had ZERO CONTROL.

Funny thing was when I connected the dots it was clear that this lack of control inside of my business, that was causing more pain, causing more suffering, and causing more day to day sacrifices at home than ever before.

Funny thing was when I connected the dots it was clear that this lack of control inside of my business, that was causing more pain, causing more suffering, and causing more day to day sacrifices at home than ever before.

Leaving me in a constant state of overwhelm, fatigue and panic. And probably why when I think about it, it’s the very reason why so many successful men like you and I are left limp, lifeless and lying awake in the dead of night , thinking “why am I here..”

It’s why I’ll have you consider right now, if you’re reading this and you feel more tired and worn out than ever, despite running your own business, then I suspect it’s because you need to...


Now the funny thing for most is that they can’t see the warning signs. I couldn’t, I was left blinded by the same guts and determination that makes us stand up on our own two feet in the first place.

And truth be told, even if the likes of you and I could spot what was about to punch us square in the face, most have got no idea what to do about it.

It’s the very reason five years on and after refining, testing, living and reliving what it really means to be a provider, protector and freedom seeker. I produced what’s been hailed as an “explosive underground docu-series for business owners”.

A 4-part docu-series that uncovered...


... A new solution that cut right to the chase and revealed the how I took back control, and played this game of business as just one man without sacrificing everything.

It’s not a “new customer solution” or an “online marketing solution”. It’s not a “mind-set solution” or an “employee solution”. It’s not a “mastermind solution” or an “information solution”.

This, my friend, is a fully immersive ENVIRONMENT.

A total solution that’s been battle tested and is ready to be deployed in your business.

The only one of a kind environment for YOU, the man at the helm of his own business – scientifically designed by a real husband, real father and real provider.

An open and raw experience that combines coaching, strategies and systems specifically
designed so that you can take back control and be born free.

Over the course of this journey, you get the tools and support YOU need to solve the pressing problems you face as a man in today’s game. Because I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve faced the same demons and frustrations. And now, I’ve solved them.

What’s the solution?

A small, closed-door alliance of other smart, ambitious men that’s known as The One Man Empire Fellowship.