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19 Pieces of the Best Damn Advice I Ever Got On Getting Customers…...

Friday, December 11th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Dec 11
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Finding advice on how to get more customers online is easy – it’s EVERYWHERE for a price. But as you know, it’s not all created equal. In fact, some of that advice can be downright harmful to your wallet and it can even erode your confidence that you can make your business work.

That’s why I’ve assembled some of the best customer getting advice I’ve received over the years, so you can hit the ground running and begin building a REAL business FAST.

1) Sell or market the CORE solution that people want in your market. This the one BIG reason why they’re in this market – the one thing they really, really want above anything else, also known as your BIG benefit. Don’t get sidetracked here – we’re talking about their main dream, their main desire, the ONE big thing that if they could have anything in your industry, that would be it.

In health, it’s often how to lose weight. Not how to count calories. Not the latest diet or exercise program. No one want’s a diet. No one wants to exercise (well, most people don’t.) But what they do want is to LOSE WEIGHT.

Don’t sell calorie counters and diets and exercise programs, sell them on how they’re going to FINALLY lose that weight. Don’t sell them on the latest iron pumping routine, sell them on how they’re going to have so many muscles the ladies will swoon. Don’t sell them on the latest herbal remedy, sell them on what that remedy gives them – more energy, no more ugly skin, younger look, etc.

2) Be a sales person. That’s right – SELL. Yes, it is a four letter word, but it’s one you should be proud of. Sales people are some of the highest paid people in the world, regardless of whether they do their selling online or offline. Never, ever be afraid or ashamed to sell.

3) Sell to the newbies. In almost any market you can think of, the real money is made on the newbies because…

a) there are so many more of them
b) there are new ones all the time
c) they’re eager to spend money to get the result they want
d) they’re far easier to please than a pro.

Someone who wants to lose weight? Yes, they’re a newbie. Someone who wants to save money on taxes? Again, they’re a newbie.

So what’s a newbie exactly? Someone who lacks the foundational, basic information they need to get the result they seek.

4) Watch to see what the newbies in your market are buying, and then learn it so you can sell it. Find the solutions they seek and sell those, using your own words. Do learn from others, don’t steal, and do sell what people are looking for.

5) It’s all about presentation. How do you convert a $27 solution into a $497 solution? Presentation and perception, it’s that simple. Do you really think one new car is worth $20,000 while another is somehow worth $200,000? Not really. It’s simply a matter of presentation and perception – packaging and presenting your business in a manner that fetches the higher price.

6) Know that you cannot create products and services fast enough to meet the demand of many marketplaces. People want the answers and they want them NOW, and the solutions don’t have to be perfect, either. Knowing this should give you the confidence to get busy producing new offerings instead of just thinking about it.

7) Build a reputation in your marketplace. Whatever it is that you sell, you want to build a reputation as being the expert, whether it’s dating, accounting, weight loss, training, coaching, etc. If you don’t have the reputation in the beginning, partner with people who do. Make offers with them, do interviews with them, do joint promotions and so forth.

Your reputation is your presentation, so look and act successful. Have authority, presence and be the expert (or partner with the expert.)

8) Get more aggressive than you’re used to being. Have a “I don’t give a damn, get it done” attitude. Force things to happen. Stop worrying about what other people think. Don’t worry about your peers – your peers don’t buy from you, your customers do. Provide more value than the price is asking. Get aggressive selling your stuff, branding yourself and making money.

9) Decide to be an authoritative, celebrity type of person. “This is me, check me out, I don’t care what you think, I’m going to have fun.” This world needs more leaders. Most people just want to be lead, which makes an incredible opportunity to be a leader. And if you’re a leader, the world will get out of your way and do what you tell them to do. They will admire and follow you, and buy from you.

10) Be authoritative for one day and see what happens – people want leaders. Go ahead, try it today. You’ll gain more confidence in one day than you otherwise would in a year of working the business, and people will follow where ever you lead them.

11) Use your real name everywhere in your business. Get a picture of yourself, or a cartoon picture and make it memorable. Use it in all of your marketing to help brand yourself in your industry. Become a GURU and expert in your marketplace. Yes, it’s a good thing to be a guru because people will pay attention to you. It’s surprisingly easy to be an expert, just learn your topic.

12) #1 rule of public relations – toot your own horn. No one’s going to say you’re a great ___ (you fill in the blank) unless you say you’re a great ___. Selling weight loss info? Then you’re a great expert on losing weight.

13) If you brand yourself to your audience, you can have a small audience and still make a fortune. Stop trying to please everyone, choose your exact audience and please only them. Be different. Don’t try to blend in, be an original. Stand out. Ask yourself how you are different from your competitors and why should your list open your emails before anyone else’s emails?

14) Create something very valuable to give away everywhere. Maybe it’s a free recording, or audio shows, or a book or videos or whatever. Your freebie needs to be stellar because it’s really your calling card. If they love your freebie, they’re going to want more. If they hate your freebie or simply aren’t excited by it, they’re going to unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

15) Give away something valuable every week like a recording or podcast to keep them coming back, hearing your voice and getting to know and respect you. Go ahead and plug something at the end, too. It keeps them attuned to the fact that you will indeed be selling to them, both through your podcasts and in your emails. If they love your 30 minutes of great content but complain about your 3 minute pitch at the end, unsubscribe them yourself – those aren’t customers, those are freebie seekers who want the moon delivered on a silver platter for nothing. Which brings me to my next point…

16) Fire people from your list when you need to. Someone complains that you offered to sell them a product or sevice? Remove them from your list. Someone complains you email too much? Remove them. Someone complains you don’t email enough? Now there’s a clue – send more emails. Someone demands you give them time and attention and advice and help forever and ever for free? Give them the boot.

These aren’t customers, these are people who will suck the life right out of you and your business. They typically only make up 1-2% of a list, but they will demand 110% of your time and give you nothing in return but non-stop aggravation that you do not need and cannot afford. Yes, it sounds harsh, but you can learn this lesson the easy way or the hard way.

17) Use this formula when writing copy: “I know your problem, here’s the solution, and I’ll prove it’s the best solution.”

18) Take the emotion out of business and focus on the math. People get so emotionally attached to their business, they forget the one thing that matters – math. Work on your business, not in your business.

19) Your ability to have courage and escape comfort zones will dictate how much you make. Your ability to have courage and escape comfort zones will dictate how much you make. Your ability to have courage and escape comfort zones will dictate how much you make. Yes, I wrote it 3 times for a reason – and I suggest you write it in 12 inch letters and paste in every room of your house – it’s that important.

There are no gimmicks in this list, no techniques that work this week but not next week. It’s all tried and true and flat out works. In fact, the information is this little list is probably worth more and has created more fortunes than the last 100 shiny objects you’ve purchased combined – think about that. And go read the list again.

Download’able Quote Card “18 Pieces of the Best Damn Advice I Ever Got On Getting More Customers… – No, It’s Not Traffic…”

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Cover Photo by Chris Lott and covered under Creative Commons

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