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3 Myths The “Experts” Tell You About Acquiring New Customers...

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Mar 18

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It seems every time you turn around, there’s another guru offering a high ticket item that will help you in acquiring more customers, saving the day and putting a fortune in your pocket – but will it?

So with that in mind here are 4 common myths the “experts” would love for you to keep believing about acquiring new customers…

1) Long sales copy always out pulls short sales copy.

Not true – especially if you’re selling a low ticket items (£5 to £30) then short copy will often out pull long copy – especially if you state the price UP FRONT rather than trying to hide it at the bottom. If you’re selling more expensive products, then long copy does out pull short copy.

2) Video sells more than written copy.

Not true – split testing of landing pages shows that the pages without video nearly always out pull the ones with video. Moreover, sales pages with just video and no copy tend to not do as well as sales pages with copy and no video. And a combination of the two really needs to be split-tested, because it could easily go either way. Don’t assume video sells – depending on the product and the video itself, it can hurt as much as you think it might help.

3) You should split test everything.

Not true – Yes, as I just mentioned split testing is great – but only so long as it doesn’t slow you down. When you’re just getting started, the last thing you need is to delay your actions until you’ve split tested everything down to a science. Better to roll out that sales page today and begin making sales now than to wait until it’s perfect. Do split test, but don’t make it a priority. Taking action, rolling out new products and building your list should be your priorities. Get the money coming in and then focus on improving your systems.

Never be afraid to question anything anybody tells you – including me.

… And always look at the possible motives that might lie behind a word of advice.

As my grandfather used to say, “Follow the money!” If someone is teaching you how to compete with them, odds are they’re not only omitting key information – they may also be leading you astray.

Downloadable Quote Card “3 Myths The “Experts” Tell You About Acquiring New Customers

3 Myths The “Experts” Tell You About Acquiring New Customers

Image by Roland Tanglao and covered under Creative Commons

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