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7 Things Should You Put In Your Email Autoresponder To Get More Customers...

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

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Get More Customers

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There is so much disinformation on this that I just have to weigh in.

No doubt you’ve been told or read, that if you want to get more customers from your emails, you should create a fancy autoresponder sequence where each email builds upon the previous email. And that if you make it fancy enough, and complicated enough, you can get your prospects to take any action you like, blah blah blah.

But guess what?

In the initial instance you don’t know how people are going to respond.

You can make a prediction, but your guess might be way off. End result, you’ve spend days, weeks and maybe months on come up with an elaborate system that accomplishes nothing when its comes to get more customers.

More importantly, building a sequential series like sections of a story might have worked 10 years ago, but these days I guarantee that even your best customers will not read and digest every one of your emails. Some of your emails won’t even get through, and many will be lost in a sea of OTHER emails from other people.

No matter who you are or how famous you might be, not every message of yours will get read.

Remember that.

Therefore each email needs to stand on its own and not rely on the reader having read and remembered something in a previous email.

So what should you place in your autoresponder sequences?

Here are some ideas that flat out work at getting a response…

1. Send people to your blog. If you’ve got a blog with great posts full of good information, write up an email for each blog post and place it in your autoresponder. This works great for evergreen information and blog posts that don’t display a date.

2. You can even tie each blog post to a product you’re promoting. For example, “Here’s a great tool that teaches you exactly how to manage your time effectively. But before you become a productivity ninja, you’ll want to make sure your daily to do’s are managed properly. Here’s a post on how to do that.”

3. Don’t send your readers to your blog every day – break those messages up with other messages.

4. Emails that convert well. Lets say you send a broadcast email to your list and the response is phenomenal, or just plain good. What do you do? Well, most marketers forget about it. But the smart money says to copy and paste that email into your email series. And yes, it’s okay to send out repeat information. Some of your readers will never see it the first time, and others who did see it will appreciate the reminder.

5. Send them a question. In your series, make sure send an email that asks a question, it boosts engagement. For example, “Which do you value more – exciting new diet news or easier fat-burning exercise techniques? Reply back with one or the other in the subject line.”

6. Then follow up with both. “Are you one of those who wants the latest new diet news? Well check this out!” “Are you one of those who said you want exercise techniques that burn fat? Look at this!” You’re hitting both (in two separate emails) regardless of which they answered.

7. Personal stories. You’ve got a ton of stories to share with others, you just don’t realise it. And so long as you can relate those stories to the interests of your readers, by all means share those. Anytime you can show that you are a real person with a real life and real challenges, you’re that much closer to forging a bond with your customers. After all, just like you, they want to do business with people they KNOW, like and trust.

Ok so thats it, 7 things you should put in your emails sequences to get more customers.

Download’able Quote Card “7 Things Should You Put In Your Email Autoresponder To Get More Customers“:

7 Things You Should Add To your Email Autoresponder To Get More Customers

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