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7 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Opt-In ...

Monday, August 8th, 2016 by Emma Hutchinson,

Aug 08

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Even small changes can improve your opt-in rate dramatically, resulting in thousands more opt-ins that you otherwise would never have gotten.

1. People photos – Response tends to increase if there is a photo of a person. And since both women and men respond better to a picture of a woman, that’s what you’ll want to use.

2. They eyes have it – Have the woman looking directly at the action you want them to take. In this case, you want them to click the button to opt-in, so this is where she should be looking.

3.  Tools rule. For your incentive, try offering a tool instead of a technique. People believe if they have the tools pros use, they’ll perform like pros. Just look at all of the terrible golfers with high end clubs and you’ll see this is true. Your tool might be a piece of software, a comprehensive guide, a secret website and so forth.

4. Lists of tools are even better. For example, the 5 best resources for losing weight or the 3 best resources for doubling your opt-in rate. A list of tools has actually been proven to convert higher than some things of much greater value, such as a free coaching session.

5. Video isn’t the incentive powerhouse it once was. Know that the perceived value of videos has gone down considerably. Offering free videos for their opt-in does not work like it used to. Offering tools or a list of resources tends to work better these days.

6. Curiosity lights a fire. In your headline offering your free incentive to join your list, use curiosity. For example: “The only 3 pieces of exercise equipment you need in your home. Hint: they all weigh less than 5 pounds.” Obviously what you’re going to reveal is unexpected, and thus they become curious enough to find out.

7. Use a two step opt-in. On the opt-in page, have a button to get the free list, report, etc. Then have a new box open that asks where you should send it and a box for their email. This two step opt-in works better than the old method of having the opt-in form right there on the squeeze page.

If you’re not already doing these things, try all seven and you might easily see your opt-in rate double.

Downloadable quote card: “For your incentive, try offering a tool instead of a technique. People believe if they have the tools pros use, they’ll perform like pros.”


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