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8 Winning Headline Ingredients To Get More Customers...

Friday, February 12th, 2016 by Charlie Hutton,

Feb 12
Get More Customers

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You already know how important your headline is – the right headline can get your article or sales letter read and shared. The wrong headline will mean your writing will do nothing more than gather cyber-dust, no matter how hard you work to promote it.

But with these 8 headline ingredients, you can’t go wrong and ultimately (and hopefully) get more customers.

Surprise. Presenting something unexpected – breaking a pattern – will help you capture attention.

Questions. These are powerful because they stimulate the reader’s brain and engage them from the start.

Curiosity. This one needs to be used in moderation but it can work really well. Just keep in mind that the reader needs to know a little something before it will work. In other words, give intriguing but incomplete information.

Negatives. The average click-through rate on headlines with negative superlatives is 63% higher than with positive ones.

How to. It’s often said that if you start a headline with “how to,” then it’s an effective headline.

Numbers. Oddly enough, these work because people like to know how long something is going to take as well as how extensive it is.

Audience referencing. This is simple – basically using the word “you” or implicating the audience directly in the headline.

Specificity. Using specific, quantifiable concrete facts lend legitimacy to what you’re saying. And all kinds of facts are good: Digits, names, descriptions, titles, examples, projections, results and so forth.

You can read more about these 8 headline ingredients and the psychology behind them here:

Download’able Quote Card “8 Winning Headline Ingredients To Get More Customers…”

Get More Customers

Cover Photo by Stephen Dann and covered under Creative Commons

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