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13 Ways to Tweak Your Landing Pages To Get More Clients...

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

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Get More Clients

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I don’t need to tell you how important the conversion rate on your landing pages is.

The better they converts, the more prospects you get. The more prospects you get, the better chance you have to get more clients down the line.

So how do you get your landing pages converting like gangbusters?

Here are 13 things you should be doing on every landing page you create to ensure you’re capturing every prospect possible so you can ultimately get more clients:

1. Know who you’re talking to. On your landing page you are speaking directly to your prospective customer. So who are they and what do they want? You’ve got to know your customer and use the words and images that will appeal directly to them.

2. Keep it simple. Really. I’ve seen landing pages that are cluttered with so much stuff you don’t know what to look at first. So what happens? Rather than try to sift through it all, many people will simply click the back button. Remember, you’ve got about 3 seconds to capture attention and hold it. Keep the clutter out and only share enough to get your visitor to take action right now. Any more than that and you’re confusing them – and losing sign-ups.

3. Split-test. Everything. Repeatedly. Use Visual Website Optimizer and test your headlines, your colorus, your fonts, graphics, form, opt-in button, EVERYTHING.

4. Use one strong focal point only. You can and should use different font colours and sizes, but you only want one focal point to draw the eye in and capture attention, and that should be your headline. Everything else should flow from the headline.

5. Your entire message should be consistent. In other words, don’t use a headline pitching the benefits of weight loss and then use bullet points about the benefits of exercise unless it’s in direct relation to weight loss. Keep it consistent or you’ll confuse and lose your prospects.

6. Match your landing page to your sales page. If your core offering page is for a service that teaches time management to business owners, then your landing page should refer to time management, not organisation in general. This might sound basic, but it’s surprising how many times I’ve gone from a landing page on one topic to a sales offer on something different.

7. Sell the benefits. Remember, you’re not selling a drill, you’re selling holes. You’re not selling steak, you’re selling the sizzle, the taste and the satisfaction.

8. Forget what you think. So you think you’ve found the perfect headline? The magic bullets? Just the right colour scheme? It doesn’t matter what you think – it matters what converts the best. See #3.

9. Think “above the fold.” Yes, your landing page might extend beyond the fold – that is, below the area that shows in the computer screen without scrolling. But the area above the fold should stand on its own. It should show the headline, the bullets and the opt-in form. The below-the-fold-area is for those prospects who haven’t quite decided to take action yet and want more info.

10. Tell them what to do. Your visitors landed on your landing page because they’re looking for something. Don’t be coy or clever – make it clear what they will get and what they need to do to get it.

11. Colour matters. Use opposing colours on the colour wheel to create contrast, and then test, test, test. Yes, some colours really will convert better than others but it depends on your offer and your audience, so you’ve got to test it for yourself.

12. Be trustworthy. Use short, 1 sentence testimonials that rock. Display your logo, certification, etc. Place your contact info at the bottom of the page. If you’ve been in business for years, state how many. If you’ve won awards, place those on there as well. Don’t clutter your page with this info, but do make it available.

13. Ask. Perhaps the best landing page trick, outside of testing, is to ASK them a question that they must answer with a YES! “Do You Want to Look 10 years Younger?” “Are You Ready to save on your taxes?” “Do You Want To Retire In Style?” “Can You Handle Becoming An Sales Expert?” Strategically placing these on your landing page puts the visitor in a “YES!” frame of mind, making them more likely to take the action you want.

So, there you have it 13 tips to improve your landing pages that can ultimately result in you being able to get more clients.

Download’able quote card “13 Ways to Tweak Your Landing Pages To Get More Clients

13 ways to tweak your landing pages to get more clients

Cover Photo by Juhan Sonin and covered under Creative Commons

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