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How To Trigger Word of Mouth To Get More Clients...

Friday, September 25th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Sep 25
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Ok, so here’s an idea to get more clients, do you remember the mega-hit “Friday” by Rebecca Black?

It became the most viral video of 2011 and made Black a multi-millionaire.

BUT it was also the most hated song of its time, with some critics calling it “the worst song ever.”

Why then, did it go viral?

If you analyze the search history for “Rebecca Black” on YouTube, you’ll notice a funny thing: Searches spike and decline, spike and decline, with the spikes occurring on Fridays.

That’s right – Fridays were a trigger to remind people to forward “Fridays” to their friends or to simply watch it themselves.

… Which begs the question: What trigger can you install in your product or service to get people to take the action you seek, whether it’s a purchase or a share on social media?

It might not be a word – it could be a song.

For example, playing French music at a grocery store makes people more likely to buy French wine. People voting in a school are more likely to vote to increase taxes to support schools, and so forth.

One little trigger might be all you need to make the sale or generate the word of mouth advertising you seek.

Download’able Quote Card “How To Trigger Word of Mouth To Get More Clients

get more clients

Cover Photo by Gage Skidmore and covered under Creative Commons

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