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Stupid Faces Get More Clients...

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Nov 25

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There are over 100+ million blogs out there and more video is uploaded to YouTube every minute than you want to watch in a year. So how can you stand apart from the crowd?

Derek Halpern suggests you make stupid faces – the funnier, the better.

When Derek makes a new video, he always makes at least one crazy face at the camera. And he does it for 2 reasons, but I can give you a third reason to try it as well.

First, it stops the robot effect. If you’re trying to look like the 6 o’clock news anchor, you’re going to come across as a boring stiff shirt. Instead, be yourself.

In fact, the only real way you can stand apart from all the marketing noise is to be genuine. It’s the one edge no one can take away from you because no one is exactly like you. And when Derek is making faces, it means he’s relaxed, real and authentically Derek.

Second, people remember crazy faces. Last year when a best-selling author met Derek, his first words were… “Oh, I like your site. I like how you show those dumb faces in all of your blog posts.”

And it was the silly faces that caused him to remember the great content as well.

Third, you can pick the frame that will be seen by anyone who hasn’t pressed play on your video. If you want them to watch your video over someone else’s video, choose a frame of yourself being silly. This will arouse their curiosity and get them to click the play button.

Again, it’s a way of standing apart from the crowd.

One last thing – if you feel like you’re too stressed in front of a camera to be yourself or to make silly faces, try this: Pretend you’re talking to your best friend, not the camera. Better yet, get your best friend to run the camera, and just focus on him or her. Within a minute you should relax and start being yourself. Then just edit that first bit out.

Never be afraid to act the fool because when you don’t take yourself too seriously, people like you and trust you a whole lot faster.

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Cover Photo by Evil Erin and covered under Creative Commons

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