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5 Keys to Getting More Business Online...

Friday, March 6th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Mar 06
Getting More Business Online

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When it comes to getting more business online, we’re always trying to over complicate things, aren’t we?

Making things appear more difficult than they really are. Why is that?

The other day I saw a break down of the 17 things you need to build your business online, which was 12 more than you really need.

Here’s my list: Network, List Build, Focus, Take Action, Follow Up. That’s right, just 5 things.

So let’s break each one down to it’s simplest form:

Network. Make friends with other people (experts) in your industry, whatever that market might be. When you need help (such as promotion) call on them. Help them out when they need it.

Why is networking so important?

3 reasons: First, running your own business can be lonely, daunting, and just plain difficult. It’s easy to procrastinate. It’s easy to get bogged down on some little obstacle. But when you’ve got others to turn to for morale support, it gets a whole lot easier.

Second, you can get quick help. Having trouble getting your head round a certain topic? Contact a colleague who’s a wiz at it and you’ve got the help you need. Be there to help them, too.

Third, promotion. Do you think it’s just coincidence when you get 5 or 10 emails promoting the same thing?

No. Those are friends of the person launching a product, service or event.

It can make all the difference in the world to have a list of people to turn to when it comes to promoting your products. Without networking, your list is going to be a whole lot smaller.

Build a list. No need to spell this one out – if you’ve got a list then you’ve got people to promote to. The better and bigger the list, the more prosperous your business will be. If you’re not list building, begin now – as in TODAY.

Focus. I know I’ve hit on this before, but here goes – STAY FOCUSED! I wanted to add a swear word after that for emphasis, but in the interest of keeping this PG I won’t.

So many times I see people jump from this to that

…to the thing over there
…and around and around
…and they never stay focused
…. thing
… for more than a day or two
…. and then they wonder, WHY??

Why, they’re aren’t successful.

So pick something. ONE thing.

Then FOCUS on that one thing until you’ve got it done.

Eliminate distractions. If need be, REMOVE distractions from your immediate vicinity. Set a work schedule and STICK to the
work schedule.

Here’s something to make it simple:

The more focused you are,
the more money you will earn

Full stop.

Take Action. Don’t just plan and daydream, DO. Move forward every single day by taking a real action that gets you closer to your goals.

Follow Up. LOTS of follow up. There are those who send the odd email and those who SEND lots of email, that build trust engage meant and credibility. Who do you think is more successful?

Let’s put it another way – what are your odds of success if you send one follow-up versus 10?

So take the plunge and begin sending more emails that follow up with your prospects – in fact, make a HABIT out of sending at minimum one email a week to your prospect database.

That’s it. Do these 5 things day in and day out starting today and continuing as long as you’re an online marketer, and success will almost undoubtedly be yours.

Download’able quote card “5 Keys to Getting More Business Online…”

5 keys to getting more business online

Cover Photo by Linus Bohman and covered under Creative Commons

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