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Reduce Cart Abandonment with A Simple Banner...

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Jan 28
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If you’re using Paypal to take payments online, here’s a neat little trick to increase your sales and help you getting more business…

When someone adds your product to the shopping cart, it takes them to the Paypal checkout page.

Now, the problem is, some people will back out of the purchase at this point.

However, what most marketers don’t seem to know is that Paypal allows you to place a banner at the top of this checkout page.

Moreover, what you choose to place in this banner can reduce shopping cart abandonment by allaying your customer’s fear.

So here’s an idea to get more customers, create a simple banner with a short TESTIMONIAL in it for the product / service  they are about to purchase.

It can be something as brief as;

“I Can’t Believe John is Offering This for Such a Low Price.” -full name


“ABC Product Saved Me £xxxx in Just The First 3 Months.” -full name

Be sure to use quotes and the person’s full name – and if applicable, their company name.

This provides third party validation that the buyer is in fact making a smart decision by purchasing your offer, and should reduce your Paypal shopping cart abandonment rate.

End result – your getting more customers and ultimately more buyers.

Cover Photo by r. nial bradshaw and covered under Creative Commons

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