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Have You Failed Yet This Year?...

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 by Emma Hutchinson,

Oct 26

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I certainly hope so, because without failure there can be no success. Don’t believe me? Name one person who has succeeded at everything they have tried. You cannot do it. You can only point to the person who has tried nothing at all, who has never taken a chance and who has never attempted anything worth doing.

Result? Rather than experience the fleeting humiliation of failure that moves them ever closer to inevitable success, they succumb to a sad life of utter mediocrity, achieving little and living not at all.

“Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.” William Shakespeare

Realizing a dream means persevering through the obstacles and setbacks. And it means embracing failure as a nature stepping stone to achieving your goals. Sometimes failures and setbacks could have been prevented, and other times they just happen. It’s not the obstacle that matters, it’s how you react to the obstacle and what you do about it that makes all the difference. Let me illustrate with a true story…

There once was a little boy who lost his eye to a tumor at the age of three. The doctor replaced it with a glass eye – an ever present reminder that he was physically imperfect. Years later when it came time to consider what career to choose, the young man convinced himself that he could not live his dream of being an actor – but his dream eventually won out. He finally began auditioning for roles, losing part after part not because he couldn’t act, but because of the glass eye.

When he finally landed his first role in the 1958 movie Wind Across The Everglades, Columbia pictures considered giving him a contract, but decided not to because of his glass eye. Did he give up? Of course not.

Despite rejection after rejection, the young man persevered and in 1968 he won the role of a rumpled, cigar smoking detective that made him famous. He went on to play that detective for 35 years in 70 television movies, winning 5 Emmys and a Golden Globe for his performances.

“Why did it take 12 years to decide to be an actor? Obviously fear – fear of failure, but fear by itself is too simple. It was fear coupled with my highly romantic , ridiculously unrealistic notion of what constituted an actor.” – Peter Faulk, in his published memoirs, Just One More Thing, which took its title from Columbo’s signature parting remark to each suspected murderer.


Downloadable Quote Card: Without failure there can be no success.  Name one person who has succeeded at everything they have tried. You cannot do it. You can only point to the person who has tried nothing at all. 

Cover Photo by Rick Butterfield and covered under Creative Commons

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