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How To Get Customers Online By Satisfying Desires...

Monday, March 16th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Mar 16

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The topic of how to get customers online is a biggie, and one I answer allot. Today I want to take I want to approach from the angle of how to market effectively by using your customers desires.

You see, if you satisfy a desire in your prospect you’ve got a customer.

But if you satisfy 2 or 3 desires and you’ve got a customer for life.

Below I’ve made a list of what you might call universal desires.

You’ll notice they tend to overlap in places – that’s natural since you can’t truly separate one from the next.

No doubt I’ve missed a few, but these are the big ones that cause people to reach into their pockets and gladly, happily and sometimes giddily hand you their credit cards.

How to use these: Take a look at the product or service you’re about to promote, and ask yourself which of these desires does it fulfill. Then compose your marketing message accordingly.

For example, an anti wrinkle cream helps your prospect to have an attractive appearance.

It can also help in attracting others, possibly leading to romance.

You could even make a case for popularity and certainly for self-confidence.

But it’s best to focus on the main benefit, with a light sprinkling of the lesser benefits. This creates a stronger marketing message and a clearer voice in your advertising.

Universal Desires of Your Prospects:

Money and Savings – This can actually mean several things: Freedom, independence, security or power

Attractive Appearance – People want to look thinner, younger, more beautiful, healthy, radiant, etc.

Attract Others – Be noticed, alluring and exciting to others

Power and Status – Feel special, noticed, respected and appreciated

Comfort and Tranquility – The extras in life, also the feeling of peace

Time – The desire to get more done and accomplish more, both in work and leisure

Praise, Acceptance and Appreciation – Desire for others to love us

Popularity and Social Contact – Wanting friends, family, people who know you and still like you anyway

Sex and Romance – Physical and emotional needs fulfilled

Leisure – Freedom to do things purely for the enjoyment

Self-confidence – Positive belief in oneself

Enjoyment or Pleasure – Happiness, satisfaction

Success – Feeling of accomplishment, attainment of status

Health and Physical Exercise – Desire to feel strong, healthy, energetic and unstoppable

Eating, Food Satisfaction – Self-indulgence, security and warmth of a satisfied palette and a full stomach

Security in old age – The absence of fear that we’ll die alone, cold and broke

So there you have, how to get customers online using the 15 universal desires of your prospect.

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How To Get Customers Online By Satisfying Desires

Cover Photo by Ed Schipul and covered under Creative Commons

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