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Ideas To Get More Clients #34 : Make it Impossible for Them NOT to Buy...

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Jan 21
Ideas To Get More Customers

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Now, depending if you offer a product or service, this may or may not work in your business, but it’s something to consider none the less, if you’re looking for ideas to get more clients.

During a pitch, vacuum cleaner salesmen used to (or perhaps still do) show grossly enlarged photos of dust mites, while explaining that there are millions of these critters in your bed feasting on dead skin and defecating all over the top and inside of the mattress. (Sorry, that was a nasty visual, wasn’t it?)

The salesman would then tell his prospect how his vacuum was the one and only solution capable of sucking those bad boys outta there, removing pounds of dead skin and even more pounds of dust mite feces. (Again, apologies for that picture.)

Next, the salesman would ask to be taken to the bedroom, where he would ask the man which side he slept on. This is the side of the mattress the salesman would vacuum, purposely NOT vacuuming the woman’s side.

And another sale was made. Why?

Because that lady did NOT want to sleep on dust mites and dust mite feces that night. Plus, if she didn’t get the vacuum then she was going to sleep on her husband’s side of the bed and her husband would be forced to sleep on the couch.

… Clever or what!

Now, In another far removed business, a shoe shine man with a stand in a hotel lobby was hurting for business. So he put up a sign that read, “One shoe shined FREE.”

Wanna know what happened?

… Well, as a result of that sign he was inundated with business.

Do you see where this is going?

Because, depending on what you sell, it’s entirely possible that you can make more money by giving away your service – or even your product – in a limited quantity.

… I mean after all, who’s going to walk around with just ONE shoe shined?

If you are a graphic artist, for example, you could give away one header. Of course if they want the matching footer, email signature, etc. that you’ll be happy to do that for them for a charge.

If you sell car wax, you could give away enough to do just the bonnet.

If you do remote virus removal on computers, remove one virus or malware for free. And so forth.

So if you’re looking for ideas to get more clients, try giving away a portion of your product or service. You can effectively make it extremely difficult for the customer NOT to get the rest of your product or service.

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Ideas to get more clients

Cover Photo by Kevin Dooley and covered under Creative Commons

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