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23 hrs of Mad Men, 2 Tins Of Quality Street And Writing Irresistible Emails…...

Monday, January 12th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Jan 12

Categories: Ideas To Get More Customers

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For Christmas this year Emma gave me a subscription to Amazon Instant Video. So on Boxing Day, during Barney’s nap, we settled in on the couch armed with a tin of Quality Street and started episode 1 of Mad Men… and man was that BIG a mistake.

A mistake we’ll come to in a just a sec…

Now, over the festive beak there’s always a ton of movies on TV, a host of Christmas specials to watch, as well as the usual daily soaps, and this got me thinking…

Thinking… because the great thing about a movie is that you sit down, you watch it and about 2 hours later is done, the credits are rolling and you get back on to the mice pies.

The Christmas special on the other hand, is done and dusted within the hour. There’s a resolution by the end of episode and you the viewer is satisfied that this particular Christmas story is complete.

… BUT the real magic is in the daily soaps, because even at Christmas there’s no completion at the end of episode. You’re still left with that great big cliffhanger that sticks firmly in your mind…

… So what do you do next?

Well,  the next day you eagerly tune in again, dying to know what happened…

You see the great thing about a soap opera is that every episode is a cliffhanger, and we therefore  get ADDICTED to the show.

… Just like me and Em got addicted to Mad Men and the life of Ad man Don Draper.

The trouble being, unlike a traditional daily soaps, with Amazon Instant Video the next episode is at your finger tips.

… Literally just two taps away!

End result we watched 23 hrs, 2 seasons and roughly 21 episodes… within 3 days.

…. Some serious commitment, considering Barney only naps 2 hours a day!

So now imagine that your emails become a daily soap opera – every day readers opening their inbox to get resolution to something you wrote about the day before.

… But just like on TV, then you start a new story and you don’t give them the resolution to the end until tomorrow!

It doesn’t have to be stories, it can be anything that makes the reader desperately want to know the piece of information you’re with holding until the next email.

For example, “Tomorrow I’ll tell you the 3 secret things you can claim tax free on your VAT returns.”

… Or, “Tomorrow I’ll reveal the 5 common household products that grow the biggest, sweetest tomatoes you’ve ever tasted.”

Do this every time and you’ll see your email open rate skyrocket, and your ability to get more customers go crazy too.

Download’able quote card “Ideas to get more customers“:

Ideas to get more customers

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