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How to Emotionally Connect With Your Customers...

Friday, October 2nd, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Oct 02

Categories: Ideas To Get More Customers

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Why should you emotionally connect? Because when people feel a connection to you, they come back to your business more often. They trust you more. They share your content more often. And they are far more likely to buy your stuff.

Here are 10 solid methods for making that emotional connection:

Method 7 is especially effective – it’s called “Pace, Pace, Lead” and it was first introduced by Milton Erickson.

To illustrate how it works, imagine someone tells you you’re wrong and their point of view is right. Do you feel like agreeing with them? Of course not.

But what if that person told you that you were right, and here’s proof that you’re right, and furthermore, here’s something you didn’t know.

… Would you believe them now?

Heck yes.

… Why?

Because they started out at the same place in thinking as you are, and then took you by the hand and led you to where they wanted you to go. This is far more effective than tying a figurative rope around someone’s neck and tugging – the method many use to try to persuade.

Cover Photo by Sebastien Wiertz and covered under Creative Commons

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