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How To Get More Customers To Buy via Email...

Thursday, February 19th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Feb 19
How To Get Customers To Buy

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Wanna Know a Secret Of How To Get Customers To Buy Through Email?

I know how it goes, you send an email to your list promoting a product or service, you can tell from your campaign stats that a good percentage of those emails were opened. Yes!

BUT… after that, it’s all downhill.

… Only a tiny percentage of the recipients who opened their emails actually clicked the link, and of those that clicked the link only a tiny percentage of those bought what you were selling.

And this wasn’t some £997 product or service, is was a £17 offer!

…. So what happened?

I’ll tell you.

You didn’t prime them for the sale.

Sending your prospects cold to a sales page usually does not get great results. You need to tell them a little bit about WHY they should go to that page and WHY they should consider handing over their money in exchange for whats on offer.

For example, let’s say you’re an accountnat and you’re promoting an offer for a training seminar event. Which of these email messages do you think would get the most clicks AND the most sales?

1. You’ve gotta see this deal, it’s GREAT!

2. Here’s a way to save on your taxes that I think you’re going to love.

3. I put together this new seminar that shows how to not only to save on you taxes, offers starting this afternoon – it also shows you how to claim a HIGHER PERCENTAGE of your profits back from the government.

That’s right, save on taxes AND a government payout.

And the method is fairly simple – it took me about 90 minutes to set up, and within 48 hours I was saving on taxes AND claimed for a rebate.

See for yourself…

… The third one, right?

Now why is that?

It’s not because it’s longer – longer emails don’t always produce better results than short ones.

It’s because it tells the story.

The first email is what we call “blind.” You have NO idea what it is or why you should click on it, and thus you probably don’t.

The second one is definitely better – it tells you why to visit the link – to learn how to save on taxes.

But the third one ROCKS because it tells you exactly what to expect and gets you excited to make the click and check it out.

To get your emails acted upon, you want to make them specific – tell them exactly what benefit they can receive for clicking. No need to tell the entire story, but you do want to get them warmed up.

By whetting their appetite for the product you’re promoting, you’re making them receptive to the offer before they even get to the sales page. It’s called, and it’s a vital component to getting the sale.

Downloadable Quote Card “How To Get Customers To Buy” :

How To Get Customers To Buy

Cover Photo by J R and covered under Creative Commons

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