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Sell THIS And You Will Sell More Products….Guaranteed...

Thursday, August 18th, 2016 by Emma Hutchinson,

Aug 18

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There’s only one thing you need to sell as a business owner, and it’s not your website or your blogposts or your services.

IT’s YOU..

Why do more people buy products and services from another business other than you? Because those people trust that person more than they trust you.

This doesn’t mean you’re not trust worthy – not at all. It just means they don’t know you. They don’t know your name, or if they know your name they don’t know what you stand for or if you’re just like them.

To get someone to trust you, you have to get them to like you. To get someone to like you, you have to be like them. People like people who agree with them. Just look at politics and you’ll see what I mean.

But don’t get confused – I’m not saying you should take a poll, see what people like and then try to be that person. It won’t work because you cannot and will not please everybody. It’s impossible, and you shouldn’t even try.

Instead, you should be a bigger, brighter and BOLDER version of yourself.

Form your own opinions. I don’t mean read an opinion you agree with and then be a parrot – that’s what everyone does. Instead, start thinking for yourself and forming your own opinions. Then vocalise those opinions in your emails, your blog posts and your videos.

When you do, here’s what will happen:

Some people will think you’re annoying as hell. They’ll even tell you this. They’ll stop reading your stuff or they’ll unsubscribe from your list.

This is good.

… AND this is what you want.

Because at the same time, other people will take notice and say,

“Hey! That dude is right! What else do they have to say?”

These are your followers, your tribe, your customers for life. These are the people who will buy a product simply because you point to it and say, “Buy this.” They will buy because they like you. They will like you because you are like them. And they will trust you because they like you.

Be yourself. Don’t be aggressive or arrogant, but be vocal about your opinions. Build your tribe. Your tribe will LOVE you.

Ignore those who don’t love you – they’re useless to you anyway.

This is how you sell yourself. And once you can sell yourself, you can sell anything you want to sell.

Downloadable Quote Card: “You should be a bigger, brighter and BOLDER version of yourself.”


Cover Photo by Ron Cogswell and covered under Creative Commons

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