"How To Get Customers With MONEY."

By Charlie Hutton

Hi, I’m Charlie (that’s me with my toddler) and over the last 2 years I’ve personally generated more that 2,678 leads in my business - mostly made up of from clients that have “money.”

Here are six ways I’ve learnt to attract, and profit from customer that are have MONEY...

...and spend BIG:

1. Most People Say They Have No Money…

Regardless if they do or not…

Know why?

Because starting from a young age we’re been told not to talk about money… and to never open up to people you don’t know, like, or trust.

So to expect successful people (especially business owners) to go back on the habits embedded from birth is near impossible.

That’s why you should always…

2. Build Trust First.

If you know that most people aren’t going to be honest with you in the first place, then offer them something that builds trust FAST.

This way you can build goodwill up front… and then talk about business after.

You’ve heard this before, but it’s not what you think.

This has nothing to do with creating “free content” to forge credibility.

In fact…

3. Credibility As you Know It Is DEAD.

Most sales and marketing “experts” will tell you to create a blog, set up social media and then promote “free content” designed to build credibility as fast as possible.

And that “mass content” is usually a series of 300-400 word blog posts, 140 character tweets, or paragraph updates on Facebook. Each offering free advice – and showcasing how to get in touch if they need more help.

The reason this old process will fail you is because most people that read “content” online take it with a pinch of salt, and therefore will not get in touch.

No matter how credible you seem.

The reason why is due to the basic human nature I just told you about.

People aren’t supposed to talk to strangers. We’re programmed not to.

But this is exactly what “free content” tries to do.

It’s exclusively designed to appeal to the mass volume of online “freebie seekers” who just want information, to do it themselves....

And it repels (and usually annoys) everyone else.

People want to hear from a SOMEBODY...

An expert in the field NOT just another “Average Joe” business.

Here’s how to become a somebody:

Instead of building a vault of mass “free content”….

4. Focus On “Trust Indicators.”

Here’s what that means:

In every sales situation, there are always a series of checks that a customer makes before they buy.

We call these checks “Trust Indicators” and these are the keys to your success.

Example: When booking a hotel, people rarely buy without checking the reviews first.

Therefore, the reviews are a trust indicator.This is why when your browsing holidays online, a hotel’s first priority is to show you how many tripadvisor ratings they have been given.

Here’s how this applies to you.

Let’s say that you’re sending people to a case study on your website.

In order for them to pick up the phone and get in touch after reading that case study they need to see some social proof. They also then need to believe that proof is FACT not fiction.

The act of believing what they read, is the “Trust Indicator” in this example.

Shocking Statistics Reveal
BIG Opportunity

Research shows that over 50% of people never make half way down most webpages.

They’re basically not “trusting” enough what you’re saying to read more.

And this means your chances of getting the initial call, or meeting, are immediately cut in half because half of your prospects never fully made it through the first “trust indicator.”

The way to cure this is by creating an engagement piece which has the sole purpose of moving your prospect from one trust indicator to the next…

…. until they buy.

And the way you do that is to…

5. Have A Pre-Frame Positioning Piece
As The Cornerstone of Everything You Do.

Being positioned ‘right’ in your prospects eyes before they pick up the phone is the “holy grail” of bridging the gap of believability and credibility.

This works best when it’s a something physical people can hold in their hands.

NOT online.

It works because we are taught from a young age to believe what we read in print.

Here’s an Example Of
Pre-Framing Positioning

Three years ago I decided to write a book to attract clients who were interested in getting more customers for their business. 

The book walked people through a series of easy to implement strategies that they could immediately plug-in to their own businesses.

At the end book I offered them the ability to speak with me if they needed further help.

Here were the trust indicators triggered by the book:

1) Credibility
2) Believability
3) Empathy

With this in mind I knew that my goal needed to be to get this book in front of as many people as possible.

So the first thing I did was to give copies of my book away.

If people requested a copy of the book I’d send them a free copy in the post.

But There Was A Twist.

I made it so they had to pay a minimal fee for postage and packaging.

This immediately meant I was separating the “freebie-seekers” from customers with money.

If they weren’t willing to pay the small amount for shipping and handling, they wouldn’t get a copy of the book.

So instead of saying, “read this information for free”, I was saying, “read this information for free IF you make a very tiny commitment.”

This one tweak alone caused the QUALITY of prospect coming into the business to boom overnight… because they’d shown willingness to spend money to get help.

That’s An Immediate Influx
Of Customers With “Money”

… all because I identified credibility as a primary trust indicator in my market. And of course I was now positioned as an “author” cemented that credibility.

Plus, it was way more credible than saying something like “trust me I’ve been in business more than 10 years…”

But this was only the beginning.

​The next trust trigger was to get people to BELIEVE what I said in the book and therefore ask for more help.

And That’s Where My
HUGE Problem Was

This was a 120-page text book of me talking through marketing strategies.

So no graphics, no diagrams, nothing. It takes a special sort of person to read 120 pages of just text.

And that’s why I’m pointing this out to you.

If you’re using your book to sell, you need your readers to get all the way through to cement trust and believability.

That’s obvious. But here’s a real eye-opener.

When I initially gave it away I only got seven enquiries.

Seven Enquiries.

When I actually spoke to those enquiries it got even worse.

I think they just flicked to the back of the book and saw the offer for help, because they still didn’t want to spend any money.

Anyway, getting people to read the whole 120 pages was a challenge.

But it had to be done because I didn’t make an offer until the end of the book.

AND this was done on purpose because to I wanted to build massive value upfrontbefore asking them to take action.

This is when I had ….

The Biggest Breakthrough Yet

You must always build social proof into any engagement with a customer, and position yourself accordingly.

With my book, I did this by marketing it to a BEST SELLER in category on Amazon.

This was much easier than I thought.

A few phone calls to friends and family, along with some social media posts I was away at the races.

With some reviews and a spike in sales over a short period of time, I was a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Sales and Marketing.

I then put a “Bestseller” sticker on the front cover.

THEN when people asked for a copy, I included a short cover letter that told them how many other people had read the book, what was waiting for them… and what they’d be missing if they didn’t make it all the way to the end.

In other words, I gave them the PROOF… and then backed up that proof with the “authority” status that being a best selling author carries.

By doing this I was then able to get prospects to READ it. These got rid of even more of the freebie seekers and now I was only getting prospects with money on the phone.

That was ok, but I wanted better.

Here's How I Got A 119% Increase In Enquiries.

First I shifted my focus from ad-hoc random marketing to the mass market with “free content” to giving away copies of my book.

Remember – people were paying the postage and packing so tyre kickers were being weeded out immediately. This meant my focus was then only on people willing to spend MONEY.

So here’s what I did.

I created a simple online campaign that literally told people what was in the book and showed them how to get a free copy in the post.

Once they requested a copy I then used a simple email sequence that engaged people to read more of the book and coaxed them towards requesting a call.

Now here’s the secret.

More Book Giveaways = More Money


So in this example, where 13% of people of got the book requested an appointment to speak on the phone.

If I wanted more, here’s what I did.

I gave away more books.

In my business I only needed 4 or 5 good enquires a month from qualified people with MONEY.

Which meant I only needed to give away one book a day.

But This Was The REAL Game-Changer...

​Like I said earlier being positioned right in your prospects eyes before they pick up the phone is the “holy grail” of bridging the gap of believability and credibility.

So I then added to multiple case studies to the book too.

I made the case studies talk about the customer NOT me, so then they could see the benefits of what had been done - but positioned them a way that added trust not self promotion.

By the way, this shift of focus to giving away books…

I Doubled My Sales!

Because remember… your sales are proportional to the number of trust indicators you tick off the list.

So when people go through this process, you maximise your chances of getting the sale on that initial call.

And lets not forget …

These Are The People
Who Will Make You Money.

Think about it for a minute.

In this example, these people have requested and spent MONEY for a 122 page book, they’ve read the entire thing which is about the exact same thing that I offer to do for them.

You know that they trust you because they’ve behaviorally demonstrated it!

As far as prospects go, they don’t make ‘em any better.

So these are the people you want to focus your efforts on.

With that said the way you write a book that attracts these types of people is to…

6. Focus on Them NOT You.

This is my final trust indicator – empathy.

People want to know that you understand and care about their problems.

So if your taking the book approach, you must focus on THEM and their problems.

Talk more about their desired outcome than about your stuff.

For your book, then just answer the 10 most asked questions you get in your business. Focusing each chapter on one of the common questions.

Showcase your knowledge and help THEM solve THEIR problems.

Now, the trouble with writing a book in most cases in the time, but I managed complete mine in less than 60 days…

Here’s How I Accomplished The Impossible,
And You Can Copy My Approach.

Write your table of contents first.

This then becomes your outline, and it'll break the book up into manageable pieces.

Think answers to those questions of ten pages each.

Meaning, if you're writing a 120 page book at 2 pages per day, you'll be finished in just 60 days.

How long does it take to write 2 pages?

30 Minutes A Day...

Because remember, these aren’t full size pages.

We’re talking about pages in a paper back book so HALF a normal size .

So that’s just 30 minutes a day for 60 days to be…

Branded An Expert For LIFE…

Because with a book in hand of my prospects, there was no more questions….

….They now only asked “when can you start.”

I was quizzing them about if they’d be a good fit for me.

The tables had turned.

The likes of Center Parcs, Tefal and Microsoft were knocking on my door.

Clients happy to pay much (much) higher fees than I’d ever charged before.

Net Result.

The Good News: First and foremost, the book was really well received and generated a ton of goodwill for the people that read it.

It felt like they were getting great advice, quality content and extremely high amounts of value… Backed up by the credibility and believability a physical hold in your hand book brings.

Plus, it held to filter out timewasters and tyre kickers at the front end so I was only dealing with and attracting people with money.

The “Bad” Part:

It worked so well, that I felt compelled to do it again. So I wrote another book!

Here’s The Bottom Line

It’s true.

It’s all about how your perceived by your customer.

I hadn’t changed.

The advice I was giving hadn’t change.

But I had become an authority...

Here’s how the numbers looked:

Day rate before: £300

Day rate after: £ 2,500

A Pay Rise Of 700%

So if getting that kind of pay rise and celebrity status in your market sounds good to you…

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With that said, if you’re just one of the people (like me) who skim to the bottom of a page before reading, here’s what this is about:

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