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Drayton Bird’s B2B Lead Generation Tip...

Monday, July 13th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Jul 13
B2B Lead Generation

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Leads are the lifeblood of your business especially in business to business (B2B) markets. So today I want to talks around a B2B Lead generation tip for getting your prospects reaching for the phone and dialling your number?

Ok, so when it comes to B2B lead generation, first, you’ve got to get your message (be it email, phone or letter) past the personal assistant.

If your message is all about you, you and you, the PA will never let you through. But if you can solve one of the boss’s problems, the PA will be eager to make certain the boss sees it.

That’s why you don’t start off with:

“Hi, I’m Joe Blow and I own ABC company which specializes in solutions that optimize the performance of our customer’s marketing strategy, giving a competitive advantage through technology.

“We provide a combination of real business consultancy expertise with the strong practical know-how to implement systems that work. Our customers become competitive through…”

Are you still awake?

Because the PA isn’t.

The boss isn’t.

Hell, even the office receptionist is sound asleep after that snoring rendition of the Sominex sonata.

Instead when it comes to B2B lead generation, Drayton recommends starting with a problem. Touch the raw nerve of what’s really bothering them, or the big promise of what they want more than anything else.

Your prospect don’t care who you are right now – you can save all that stuff for later. You are split-seconds away from the bin, whether it’s the one on the screen or the one in the office.

Try this instead:

“In this business-killing economy, here’s a new approach to small business marketing that has already produced 143 new clients for Sam Shine Dentist, and an additional $80,453 in revenue for Andy Fine Tax Service”

“And it’s a proven money saver as well. In the past 3 months alone Sam has saved $14,957 in advertising while doubling his practice, and Andy has cut his marketing budget in half while gaining over 42 new accounts.”

Which one would you respond to? In the second example, you very briefly remind them of something that’s been preying on their minds and keeping them awake at night – the business-killing economy – and then quickly go on to show them there is hope in the form of additional clients and additional revenue while actually SAVING money in marketing costs.

As Drayton says, “When you try and sell anything to anyone, you always hit natural barriers. Nobody wakes up thinking, “How can I invest more money?” Today most are thinking, “How can I get more for less?”

“But try and HELP someone, and you briefly win some attention.”

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Cover Photo by Sebastien Wiertz and covered under Creative Commons

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