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Landing Pages For B2B Lead Generation That Blow Minds…...

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Aug 12
B2B Lead Generation

Categories: B2B Lead Generation

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When it comes to B2B Lead generation efforts, here’s what it consists of for most people. You hand someone a business card with your website address, you maybe give someone a brochure with your website or you possibly have some flyers printed – again with your website on.

… And what do they all see?

The same identical page.

Let me tell you this…. That is so yesterday.

Instead, imagine this:

You hand someone a business card (maybe at a conference, networking event, etc.) and the URL on your business card is actually a gateway page that says something like, “It was great to meet you in person and I enjoyed our conversation. Here is a little bit more about me and my company, and I would love to offer you my weekly newsletter for free.”


What a difference that can make.

Or let’s say you write a guest blog post, and the link you send them to THANKS them for reading that particular post, gives them more information on the exact same topic and also on you, and personally invites them to get a free copy of your latest ebook.

What do you think the conversion rate on that would be?

I’m thinking sky-high.

Download’able Quote Card “Landing Pages For B2B Lead Generation That Blow Minds…”

B2B Lead Generation

Cover Photo by Eddy Van 3000 and covered under Creative Commons

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