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How to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions in 10 Minutes Flat...

Saturday, January 31st, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Jan 31
Online Lead Generation

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So you’re running an online lead generation campaign, you’ve got a fantastic looking landing page page that still isn’t converting – now what?

Sometimes doing the opposite of what everyone else on the Internet is telling you to do really pays off, especially when it comes to capturing names and email addresses.

Split test these and see if your lead rates don’t increase dramatically…

Forget the name. There was a time – a long time ago – when inserting a person’s name in an email increased the open rate. Those days are all but gone.

Worse yet, asking for their name decreases your response rate nearly every time. The only time to ask for their name is when they BUY from you – not when you’re merely asking them to subscribe to your marketing. So remove that box from your lead generation form, along with any other box besides their email address. The easier you make it for them to subscribe, and the less information you ask for, the higher you’re conversions are likely to be.

Remove the spam sentence. You know that great little sentence you have beneath the opt-in box that says you hate spam and will never ever ever ever share their info with anyone?

Remove it completely. Don’t change it, don’t tweak it – just strip it right out of there.

Repeated testing shows that having it there actually decreases your sign-up rate. Ironic, since it was originally intended to increase it by providing a sense of security.

Besides – if you ever want to sell your website and associated lists, you won’t be able to if you’ve told them you will never share their info. So you’re shooting your future prosperity in the foot while reducing your current sign-ups, all because you were doing what every other marketer on the planet is doing.

Tell them who you are. First, people hesitate to sign onto any marketing unless they have some idea of WHO is behind it. They want to know not only what they get for joining your list, but also who you are – so tell them your name, use a photo of your face, or do something that makes it clear you are in fact a real live person.

Second, by having your identity on your landing page you will drastically reduce the number of people who check their email an hour or two later and wonder who in the world you are and why you’re sending them email.

The more memorable of an impression you make on the landing page, the more likely they are to remember you when they read their email.

This is turn decreases the likelihood they will cry “SPAM!” and increases the likelihood they will open your email and actually read it. Remember, when people check their email they look at the “from” line first. Be memorable and your email will enjoy a much warmer reception.

Try split testing these three changes on your landing pages and see what happens – I suspect your sign-ups will increase by several percent.

Download’able quote card “How to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions in 10 Minutes Flat”:

Improve the conversion of your landing pages in 10 minutes flat

Cover Photo by MattysFlicks and covered under Creative Commons

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