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The Biggest Secret to High Converting Lead Generation Landing Pages...

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Oct 13
Lead Generation

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A lead generation landing page is essentially a sales page at the beginning of some sort of lead generation process– you’re selling your “bait” in exchange for an email address. Unlike a salesletter, it’s far easier to get a prospect to convert when all you ask for is their email address rather than money.

BUT like a sales page, many people won’t ‘buy.’

Even the best landing pages generally convert somewhere around 50%. So what happens to all those people you didn’t convert? Why wouldn’t they give you an email address in exchange for your highly valuable Lead Magnet?

It’s probably because you didn’t properly answer their objections or questions – read more here:

Download’able Quote Card “The Biggest Secret to High Converting Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Page

Cover Photo by nist6dh and covered under Creative Commons

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