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Free Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses – Get A Nemesis!...

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Jun 16
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Right, in todays free marketing ideas for small businesses posts I want to look at the power of having a nemesis!

You see, when Justin Hartenstein’s employee stole of all of his information and opened a competing business literally just down the street, it was practically a blessing in disguise. “That hurt us in many ways, but it also gave me some inspiration, Justin says. “When I felt like I had put in enough time that day, I would keep going, make one last sales call, wondering if he was still working.”

Sales people compete against each other all the time to win sales contests within their own offices, but every sales manager knows that if he can get a real rivalry going, the sales people will work twice as hard not just to win, but to also beat their opponent. Students compete against their classmates to see who can get better grades, but they’ll work even harder to best a student they especially don’t like.

Athletes compete against each other even when they’re on the same team, but they’re must fiercer competitors when they’re trying to beat the opponent who called them some silly name on Twitter.

If you think about it, every super hero has an arch nemesis:

Superman has Lex Luthor
Neo has Agent Smith (Matrix)
Peter Pan has Captain Hook
Harry Potter has Lord Voldemort

Heck, even Austin Powers – that likable time warped oddball – has Dr. Evil.

Having a nemesis can be an absolute boom to your success.

Did someone say you would never amount to a hill of beans?
Did someone steal your promotion or your work?
Do you have something to prove or someone who you would love to beat at business and success?

This person can become your greatest asset.

For example, maybe you have such a clear memory of your stepfather saying that you were worthless that you can smell his aftershave and feel his breath on your face.


Now your choice is to either let him be right, or to prove him absolutely wrong.

It doesn’t even matter if he’s alive or dead – just use that memory to fuel your desire for success and you’ll find yourself working hard and longer and getting so darned good at your craft that you’re not only successful – you’re an absolute sensation.

Download’able Quote Card “Free Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses – Get A Nemesis!”

free marketing ideas for small businesses

Cover Photo by Jacquelyn Orenza and covered under Creative Commons

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