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Great Marketing Ideas Are Everywhere...

Monday, May 18th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

May 18

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Ok for today’s great marketing ideas, it’s video time:

At first glance, you might think that while this Sleep Better video is highly entertaining and engaging, it’s also out of your marketing league to duplicate. And while that might be true, you can still do something very similar on a smaller scale.

The 4 minute video by the comedy team Rhett and Link uses a split screen.

On either side are virtually the same videos, except that there are difference in each that you’re supposed to spot.

The video?

4 highly entertaining takes on classic stories.

Really, you have to experience it to see what I mean.

Now then – what great marketing ideas can you take away from this video?

First, using a split screen.

You might demonstrate a competitors product on one side while simultaneously demonstrating yours on the other side. And yes, this can even work with info product. In fact, I guarantee you’ve seen it done – one side of the screen is the features of the competitor’s product, the other side is your product features. Of course you can only do this if your product does indeed have more features than theirs.

Remember the PC vs Mac commercials?

Those weren’t actually a split screen, but it’s the same concept. Cool guy talking about the mac, nerdy guy trying to compete with the PC.

Then there’s the “spot the differences” technique: Sure it’s old, but it’s just as effective now as it was when you were reading the kid’s magazine and trying to find the differences between the two cartoons.

Why not create a contest – for example, use two different but highly similar infographics to demonstrate your product benefits.

Viewers try to tally up all the differences, and then enter their answer into your contest. You then do a drawing from everyone who entered the right answer to determine the winner.

The real benefit here is you’ve got customers intently studying every word of your infographic. Be sure to place your buy now button in there and if your offer is good, you should get sales.

BONUS: This could easily go viral, sending you new prospects.

One more thing about the Sleep Better video that I’d like to point out – these guys don’t mind looking silly. Ridiculous, even. And no doubt that’s at least partly why they are so popular. Bottom line: Be real. And if you can get people to laugh with you, so much the better.

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Great Marketing Ideas

Cover Photo by Dave Dugdale and covered under Creative Commons

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