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How to Get Instant Street Cred...

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 by Charlie Hutton,

Mar 23

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could go from being Mr./Ms. Marketing Nobody to immediate “guru” status overnight?

You’d enjoy instant authority in your market and a high level of credibility with your potential customers as well as your potential refferal partners. People would trust your opinion. You’d be quoted in blog posts and asked to do guest posts. You could get interviewed. You could join lucrative joint ventures and mastermind groups. Your social media accounts would become magnets to followers and fans. Customers’ sales resistance would go down and your sales would go up, and so forth.

Becoming an ‘overnight’ authority in your market shaves a few years off of your long term business success goals. You’re taking a quantum leap from being an unknown to being – well, KNOWN in your niche. And you receive all the benefits a known expert in your field gets, only without the years of work.

Sounds pretty good, don’t you think?

Yeah, it’s cheating, but it’s not. Who ever said you have to take years and years to accomplish what can be done in a few days or weeks?

Here are 4 ways to do it:

Interview others. Oprah wasn’t an expert, she interviewed experts. And by doing so, she became associated with every expert she interviewed. In your case, you’ll want to go much more narrow and deep than Oprah, choosing your targeted niche carefully and then interviewing anyone and everyone in that single niche.

Buy named rights products and sell them. These are products & services sold by big name business that allow you to keep their name on the product when you sell it. You’re basically co-featuring with an established authority. Buyers will assume you have partnered with the authority in putting this out. Now, these types of resale rights generally aren’t cheap, but that plays in your favour as well, since it greatly limits any competition.

Write/edit a book full of other people’s articles. Choose a topic and then find articles written by the experts on this topic. Ask their permission to place their articles in your book, giving them full credit and links back to their website. You do the editing, write the introduction, and also add notes at the beginning and end of each article if you choose. But the experts are still doing all the heavy lifting, while you get to associate your name with theirs. In fact, it looks like a collaboration between you and all these big names, with YOUR name on the front cover.

Do guest blogging and being active in social media. All of a sudden people will say that they see and hear you everywhere.

Some people take a lifetime to go from the mail room to the boardroom of a company.

But this is your business, and YOU make the rules.

Don’t wait years to become an expert in your niche – decide to become one today.

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