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How To Get More Donations – And Sales??...

Monday, September 21st, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Sep 21

Categories: Marketing Ideas

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If you solicit donations for anything, or are simply just trying to get more donations then here’s a great marketing idea from Smile Train. They saw a 46% increase in fund raising by offering “donate to opt-out.” That’s right – Smile Train offered donors the chance to make a one time donation in exchange for never being asked to donate again.

In an experiment with their entire list, the once-and-done group donated $260,783, while the standard letter group donated $178,609. Even more interesting, only 39% of those who donated under the once-and-done group actually indicated they wanted no further communications.

The rest either wanted to receive limited communications or regular updates.

If you take donations on your blog or website, you might offer your readers the chance to donate once and you will never ask again.

Taking it a step further – how could you apply this to sales? Purchase once and you never purchase again – it could work for a membership programme, software, etc.

Check out the full story here:

Download’able quote card “How To Get More Donations – And Sales??”

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Cover Photo by Yukiko Matsuoka and covered under Creative Commons

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