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Marketing Ideas from Will Ferrell...

Friday, November 27th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Nov 27
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How do you grab people’s attention and get them to send you money for what you do?

Celebrity status is certainly helpful, but what works even better is conflict, even when it’s obviously playful.

In this campaign to save the Colorado River, Robert Redford makes a passionate plea for people to help reconnect the great river to the ocean. Will Ferrell, on the other hand, thinks it’s a better idea to move the ocean inland to meet the river.

Robert Redford plays what you might call the straight man, beginning the video with, “The Colorado is one of the most loved, and hardest working rivers in the world. But we’ve overused it. Most years the river dries up even before it reaches the sea. By adding just a small amount of water to the river’s flow, we can help bring life back to the wetlands and marshes in the delta. So please, will you join me, in Raise the River dot org and find out how you can get involved?

Will Ferrell is the funny guy, following up with, “Recently we’ve been hearing some talk of a little problem in the Colorado River Delta. We’ve got old Sundance riding around, trying to raise the Colorado River and restore its flow. And I say, do we really need more river? I mean hell, we’ve got plenty of ocean – let’s move it. Let’s reconnect these things the old fashioned way, the American way. The way to fix this thing is to send money so myself and some other scientists can begin the process of moving a small portion of the ocean back toward the wet part of the river. Now go to Move the Ocean dot org, and send us your money.”

From there it cuts back to Redford responding to Ferrell, and then Ferrell responding to Redford and so forth. And while it gets sillier and more entertaining as the 5 minute video progresses, the message remains crystal clear – the river is in trouble and needs your help.


… Viewers are mesmerized and gladly click over to the website to see more.

How can you use this in your business? Strike up a friendly disagreement with someone in your market and air your ‘disagreement’ in public. Make it fun, interesting and informative and you’ve got a sure fire hit on your hands.

The possibilities are endless for using this underutilized technique, so let your creative imagination fly and see what ideas you can come up with.

Download’able Quote Card “Marketing Ideas from Will Ferrell”

Cover Photo by Bennett Raglin and covered under Creative Commons

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