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20 Do or Die Facebook Marketing Tips...

Monday, March 21st, 2016 by Charlie Hutton,

Mar 21
Facebook Marketing Tips

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Facebook is getting more and more competitive for business owners, which is why you need to know and use every tool and trick available to you for getting the most out of your Facebook social marketing time.

First, some basics on setting up Facebook correctly:

Create a Facebook PAGE, not a personal timeline or profile. When you join Facebook, you automatically get a personal timeline. But for marketing purposes, you want to create and use a Page instead. When naming this page, keep it short and get it right the first time. You can’t change a Facebook Page name once you have 200 likes. And a shorter name is helpful when you create Facebook ads.

Once you have 25 likes, get a vanity URL, such as

Fill in as much info in your “about” section as possible. Be detailed and use keywords, because this will not only tell your customers about your business, it will also help with SEO.

Add a call to action in your cover photo. Use a photo that speaks volumes about your business, and then add a text description that tells them what you want them to do. Go to your website? Subscribe for your freebie? Visit a particular page?

Use a great profile photo. Remember, your profile photo will be seen all over the place – in newsfeeds of followers, in posts on your timeline, in comment replies and overlaying your cover photo. So make it good, make it clear, and make it friendly.

Now for the good stuff: How to market on Facebook without buying ads:

Pin important posts. You can pin a single post to the top of your timeline for up to one week, so this is the place to put your most important content so the maximum number of people get to see it.

Use embedded posts. You can embed your page posts onto your own website to help encourage interaction with your readers. You might embed your posts onto launch pages, blog pages, product pages and so forth to get prospects and customers interacting and talking to you.

Re-post your top content, carefully. Not everyone will see your post the first time you make it, so re-post your content several times using different wording.

Encourage your fans to select “Get Notifications,” found in the drop-down menu of the “Liked” button. This helps ensure your fans will see all of your page’s content.

Let your fans private message you. This allows your fans to contact you directly for things like customer service, rather than them having to post on your wall (where everyone else can see it, too.)

Think like a sports team. Whenever you post, talk about “we” rather than “I.” With sports teams, it’s “we won the game.” With Facebook, it’s “We reached this milestone.” It builds a tribe who feel included instead of a group of people out in the cold looking through your window.

Nicely ask for share and likes. Don’t do this too often or Facebook will take notice. And above all, be nice – not bossy or pleading.

Give your fans special deals. They’re called “Facebook Offers,” cost a few bucks to create, and are totally worth it. You create the offer and then your fans can use a special discount code they receive via email to get a special deal. HINT: You might give them 100% off of one of your best products and ask for their email address to keep them updated (great email list builder.) Also ask them to share the offer with their closest friends. And put a time limit on any offer you make to create urgency.

Create your own hashtag [#yourbrand] to monitor and join in the conversation about your brand.

Conduct audience research. Use Facebook search to discover what pages your fans like, where they live, what their interests are and so forth. Then use this info to improve your own marketing.

Connect and engage. When someone posts a message on your wall or comments on your update, reply back in a timely manner to encourage more interaction. Use @mentions in your reply to add a personal touch and to be sure they’ll know you responded. This can sometimes also increase the number of people who get to see your reply, increasing the chances of more traffic to your page.

Get fanatical about your fans. Thank your newest fans by listing them by name. You can find them in the “See Likes” link in your admin panel. Give out an award to the “Fan of the Week,” someone who engages regularly with your content. Make up awards, too. Like “Nicest Fan of the Week” and so forth. This personal touch will increase the interaction and make you look good – not to mention you’ll feel good, too.

Optimize your blog images. When you link to an article, Facebook pulls an image from that article that will display on your page and on newsfeeds. To get the image to display properly and at optimal size, you need to have one image in your blogpost or article that is 600×315 pixels. Keep in mind that this is the image Facebook will use, so make it eye candy.

Cross promote with other Facebook pages to increase fans. Locate pages that complement yours and cross-promote each others pages, share posts, do JV’s and add each other to your Featured “Likes” section. Also, post on their pages with friendly, helpful, non-spammy comments, posting under your Page’s username.

Use Facebook Groups to get seen and make connections. You can create or join existing Facebook Groups and position yourself as an authority to drive traffic to your own Fan page.

The bottom line in all of these marketing tips is this: Don’t spam.

… Be helpful, be the go-to person for info, be personable and have fun. While social media in general and Facebook in particular is a terrific marketing tool, it’s only effective as long as you always look for ways to help your fans. Yes, sometimes the way you can best help them is to offer paid solutions, but make sure that doesn’t make up 100% of your content.

This way you’ll be their helpful expert they go to for advice, rather than the used car salesman they avoid.

Download’able Quote Card “20 Do or Die Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing Tips

Cover Photo by xioubin low and covered under Creative Commons

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