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4 Words That Double Persuasion (and Sales!)...

Thursday, October 29th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Oct 29
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These words put the other person in charge while making you look confident. And it’s simple, too. Just use the words, “But you are free…” or anything similar.

“The numbers show our solution will cut your monthly expenses by 15%. But, of course, you are free to choose.”

In some sales situations the process will be longer than a simple sentence. For example, reminding the real estate client of their criteria, their process for choosing a property and how this particular property compares to the others they’ve seen puts the client seemingly in charge of the process.

Of course, you are guiding them the entire time. But they don’t feel pressured, they know you are helping them, and it’s clear that the decision is theirs. This often frees them to make the decision right then and there.

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Cover Photo by Sjoerd Lammers and covered under Creative Commons

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