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5 Marketing Tips To Make More Sales With Your Emails...

Monday, February 22nd, 2016 by Charlie Hutton,

Feb 22
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If you’re sending out emails but nothing much is happening, try these proven email marketing tips:

Email Marketing Tip #1: Use list segmentation to personalize.

Which email do you think will get a higher conversion rate?

“50% off”
“For New Mums only, 50% off”

Obviously, the second one is much more targeted, and thus bound to get more attention and more opens.

So how do you segment your lists?

Create a separate list for each list building activity you do, whether it’s for every different free report you give away, every product you sell and so forth. From those, make special offers to get people on the lists to raise their hands.

For example, to a list of horse lovers you might send this email: “Are you interested in breeding horses for profit? Then click here to sign up for our free report.” Now you have a segmented list, and when you send them an offer, you can address it directly to their interest or desire.

Email Marketing Tip #2: Make them feel special.

If you can build a tribe of people, then your emails will get opened.

Look at sports teams: They’re simply corporate entities, yet they get their fans to do just about anything including painting their faces, purchasing over priced clothing, driving or flying long distances and sitting in the heat or cold for hours to watch their team.

How do they do it?

By building a tribe of people with a common interest (the team) a common goal (winning) and common enemies (opposing teams.)

Make your subscribers feel like they are on the inside, getting the inside info and the insider’s deals that no one else gets. Give them a name they can identify with, let them in on your behind-the-scenes stuff and always talk about “we” rather than “me.” Remember, you are building a team.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Include a clear call to action.

Every email you send should have a goal, whether that’s to further bond them to you, to educate, to get them to click or whatever it might be. “To get the report, click here.” “To see this script in action, click here.” “To join the hottest team in the nation, click here.” “To begin your journey for free, click here” and so forth.

Email Marketing Tip #4: Give away premium courses.

You might wonder how this will improve your conversion rates, but if you think about it from the receiver’s point of view, you’ll understand – we buy from those we know and trust.

When you give away great info in the form of an email course, you are repeatedly showing up in their inbox.

You are welcomed there. And your emails get opened. You are now viewed as an authority rather than a sales person. And when it comes time to send promotional emails, those emails get opened and read as well.

Email Marketing Tip #5: Use dedicated landing pages.

This is more work but it’s totally worth it. If your call to action doesn’t perfectly match your landing page, people will get confused and leave. Your top priority after getting the click is to deliver on your promise.

I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten emails that say something like, “Click here to discover how to ___” and then I get to a sales page that doesn’t say ANYTHING about the reason I got there.

Further, I’m not even expecting a sales page when I click the link because what I am expecting is information.

Just a little bit of effort can go a long way towards getting your emails opened, read and acted upon.

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Email Marketing Tips

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