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Banner Marketing Tip: Faces Double Chances of the Ads Being Seen...

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Oct 06
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You’ve probably seen the stats, the typical Internet user is served 1,707 display ads each month, but only 14% of those ads are actually being looked at. How do you double your odds of getting your ad seen? With todays’s banner marketing tip… add either a human or animal face.

And contrary to popular belief, men look at faces first and then chests, while women look at chests first and then faces.

Placing an add below the menu of a screen is seen by twice as many people and has twice the impact compared to ads that are served above the menu.

One more thing – size does matter. The bigger the ad the more likely it will be seen, and the longer it’s likely to be viewed.

Read the full study here:

Download’able Quote Card “Banner Marketing Tip: Faces Double Chances of the Ads Being Seen”

banner marketing tips

Cover Photo by hapal and covered under Creative Commons

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