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Content Marketing Tip : 150 Blog Posts in 50 Days Equals…...

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Sep 29

Categories: Marketing Tips

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Ok for todays Content marketing tip, I want to dive into a content marketing experiment run by They weren’t happy with the results their SEO company was producing, so they started their own marketing blitz. In 50 days they posted 150 highly relevant, useful, fresh blog posts. Result? A massive increase in traffic and a clear indication their SEO company hadn’t been effective with their more old school methods of SEO.

And while most content marketers were thrilled with the experiments, some were downright upset…

  • 69% increase in organic traffic to the site
  • 514% increase in organic traffic to the blog
  • 901% increase in referral traffic
  • 1 Fired SEO Company
  • Pissed off marketers

Read the full case study and get some other great content marketing tips here:

Download’able Quote Card “Content Marketing Tip : 150 Blog Posts in 50 Days Equals…”

Cover Photo by GotCredit and covered under Creative Commons

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