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Content Marketing Tips: Creating Great Content for BORING Markets...

Friday, September 18th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Sep 18
Marketing Tips

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Not long ago the “Boring Web Content Challenge” was held. Now – how would you like to be a finalist (or worse yet, the WINNER) in that contest? “Hey everybody, come to my site because I have the most boring content on the entire web!”

No thanks.

It’s a mantra you’ve heard time and time again – write great, interesting, exciting, sharable content. But what if you’re in a boring sector? Or working for a boring client in a boring market? How do you get readers excited about mundane topics like locksmiths or plumbing, or even icky topics like personal injury lawyers or rash creams?

Here are 10 tips to help you create interesting content ideas for even the most boring of sectors.

Content Marketing Tips #1. First, change your perspective before you write anything. If you think it’s boring, your readers will, too. Everything is interesting if presented in an interesting manner. It’s simply a matter of finding the right angles to present your content. And the first step is to get fascinated in your topic so your enthusiasm will show in your writing.

Content Marketing Tips #2. Find the golden number nuggets. Dig out the industry statistics and find the fascinating bits that pull people into your story. Do you sell nails? How many nails go into building the typical house? Is your niche floor coverings? If you took all the carpet made in one month, how big of a city/state would it cover? Numbers fascinate when used in a way people can easily grasp and share with others.

Content Marketing Tips #3. Use stories and anecdotes. Let’s say you sell instructions on how to refinish furniture. “14 year old Annie was always the shy type, afraid to speak up and withdrawn, lacking confidence to do even the simplest of things. Then she got our beginner’s instructions for refinishing simple antique chairs. Within a month she’d finished her first project, and now a year later she’s refinished over a dozen pieces, resold 9 of them for substantial profit that she’s put away for college, and kept or given away the rest of the pieces. Most important of all, she’s gained a new sense of accomplishment and confidence which has spilled over into other areas of her life.” Wow, that’s pretty exciting!

Content Marketing Tips #4. Do a daily question and answer. Each day create an “ask an expert” blogpost or video in which you answer one question. Create interaction, likes and shares by getting real people to ask questions through social media such as Facebook.

Content Marketing Tips #5. Talk about what’s wrong in your marketplace. Maybe legislation is pending that could hurt your industry, or someone in your niche is ripping people off. Be the leader and speak up about it. You’ll not only capture the attention of your readers – you’ll likely get links from other sites as people join the conversation.

Content Marketing Tips #6. Promote a cause. Sometimes when you run out of things to say about your business and your industry, it’s time to look outside of your business and find a cause to make your own. For example, a personal injury lawyer who’s helping homeless puppies and kittens to find new homes – that’s not only unexpected, it’s even warm and fuzzy – literally. And if your business is strictly virtual, you can still choose a cause and make it your own. Put real faces on it – furry or human – and tell why you and your business strongly support this cause. If you can choose a cause aligned with your business, so much the better. For example, a food niche might choose a program to feed the hungry, while a remodeling/building/decorating business might choose something like Habitat for Humanity.

Content Marketing Tips #7. Hold content contests. Get your readers to create content for you, based around the keywords you choose. The better the prize, the more entries you’re likely to get. Pick the top entries and then get them to get their friends to vote for the best one with retweets and Facebook shares. Publicize the contest to get more entries, more press and more backlinks.

Content Marketing Tips #8. Become a hub for industry content. Who says you need to write all of your website’s content yourself? Ask other industry leaders to contribute if they like.

Content Marketing Tips #9. Use images. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – people stay on your blog or website longer when you use interesting, compelling and relevant images.

Content Marketing Tips #10. Stretch. Okay, so your niche is car accessories – why not do an article on the top coolest cars in movies? Or maybe your niche is math tutoring – again, find the movies that use math and talk about those. It’s a great way to get your audience to relate to your products.

Even the most mundane of topics can become interesting – you’ve just got to find the right angle to write about.

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Content Marketing Tips

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