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Direct Marketing Tips #15 : Lose Money Or Read This Article...

Thursday, April 16th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Apr 16
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Ahhh… it worked – You’re reading this article.

Please allow me to explain this direct marketing tip…

If you were to follow this link – 

You would find the following…

 Human choices are remarkably susceptible to the manner in which options are presented. This so-called “framing effect” represents a striking violation of standard economic accounts of human rationality… etc.

It’s written in what I like to call “science-ese,” so at the risk of over simplification, I’ll break it down to this:

 People are more motivated to avoid perceived loss
 than to pursue perceived gain.

For example: If I told you that you could either:

 Gain $100 a day


Avoid losing $100 a day

Which would you choose?

Most people will pick the second choice, but if you look carefully from a direct marketing point of view, they’re really the same thing.

The first is telling you that you can make an extra $100 a day if you buy the product. The second is telling you that if you don’t buy the product, you’ll be losing that $100 a day you could have had.

Of course if these were really headlines, they would tell a bit more, such as, “How to make an extra $100 a day with this system” or “Failure to buy this system will result in you losing $100 a day.” They’re the exact same thing, framed in a different way.

Here are more direct marketing examples:

“Save $100 a month with our energy saving device.”

“Don’t lose $100 a month on energy – grab this device.”

“How to become super popular and the life of every party.”

“Don’t lose out on the fame, friends and popularity that could be yours.”

Of course you don’t want all of your advertising and sales letter to be negative, but you might want to experiment with this and see if you get sales you otherwise would have lost.

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