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Do You Have The Courage To Price High?...

Monday, November 2nd, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Nov 02
Marketing tip

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Ok so today I have a marketing pricing tip for you… Whether you sell products or services, the question is this: Will you make more by charging more? And the answer is almost inevitably yes. Even though you might get fewer buyers, the average sale will go up and you’ll get a bigger wallet customer who is willing to spend more with you in the future, too.

So now imagine you’re doing consulting for a large company. They love your work and their sales results have gone through the roof. Next thing you know, you lose the contract to a competitor who bids three times more than you charge.

What happened?

Find out more here:

Download’able Quote Card “Marketing Pricing Tip : Do You Have The Courage To Price High?”

Marketing pricing tip

Cover Photo by ben dalton and covered under Creative Commons

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