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Email Marketing Tip : Are You Guilty of Having a Boring Email Signature?...

Friday, October 23rd, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Oct 23

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You know it’s smart marketing to place a signature in your emails, in forum posts (where allowed) and at the end of guest blog posts and so forth.

But what is your sig file saying about you?

That you’re boring?

… That you and your business look like every one of your competitor’s businesses?

Or does it stand out and grab attention?

Here’s an example of boring:

“For The World’s Best Service On For Getting Your Taxes Files, Go to: Http://”

Sure, you’ll get a trickle of traffic. Maybe.

Instead, let’s apply some imagination and make a signature file that creates burning curiosity.

If your website is about weight loss, you might use:

“Click here to see a picture of my wife’s abs”
“Click here to see photos of women I used to attract when I was fat, versus the babes I attract now”
“Click here to see a photo of my ex when he saw me in my new bikini”

Notice in all of these we say to “click here to see a photo.” This phrase works really well at attracting clicks.

If your website is about building muscle, you might use:

“Click here to see me try to bench press my girlfriend”
“Click here to see me try to bounce a brick off my abs”
“Click here to see my wife try to beat a loud-mouth male body-builder in a push-up contest”

Notice all of these use the word “try.” That’s because we’re building suspense – Did I manage to bench press my girlfriend, or not? The reader has to click to find out.

Maybe your website is on dog training:

“Click here to see my dog chasing the mailman”
“Click here to see my dog greeting guests with a cold beer and a bag of chips”
“Click here to see my dog herding chickens into the living room”

Notice all of the verbs in these examples end in “ing,” as the though action is happening now, not in the past.

Using these techniques you should get far more people clicking the link in your signature line. Your job is to fulfill your promise on the landing page, thereby building rapport and credibility. Once this is accomplished, you then entice them further into subscribing to your list to get your outstanding freebie.

Download’able Quote Card “Email Marketing Tip : Are You Guilty of Having a Boring Email Signature?”

Email Marketing Tip

Cover Photo by Phil Whitehouse and covered under Creative Commons

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