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Email Marketing Tip : “Why I Can’t Send You The Report”...

Monday, September 14th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Sep 14
Email Marketing Tips

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If you’re using double-opt-in in your list building, you know that a certain percentage who sign onto your list will never confirm their email address. These are subscribers that you’ve earned and yet you lose them anyway. So how can you increase the number of people who click that confirmation link to join your list?

David Dutton has a great idea. Instead of using the subject line, “Confirm your email address,” he uses, “Why I can’t send you the ‘marketing results guaranteed’ daily tips.”

This takes the freebie away from the new potential subscriber.

Now instead of thinking… “Hmm, did I really want that report?”

They’re thinking, “HEY! GIMME MY REPORT RIGHT NOW!!!”

Almost nothing motivates like fear of loss…

I know in my case my hand raced to open that email and click the confirmation link – despite the fact that I knew I was being psychologically played like a ten dollar fiddle.

So just imagine how well it can work in niches outside of online marketing.

Download’able Quote Card “Email Marketing Tip : “Why I Can’t Send You The Report””

Email Marketing Tips

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