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Email Marketing Tips For B2C : Length And Timing Can Determine Email Open Rates...

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

May 19

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Ok today some email marketing tips for B2C (business to consumer) type communications.

You’re probably thinking the highest open rates for business to customer emails result from short, snappy subject lines, right?

Surprisingly, no. 20 to 60 characters in your subject line will get you below-average open rates, while 150 characters get the highest number of opens. What does 150 characters look like? Like this:

[START] This is the actual length of one hundred and fifty characters – can you believe it? I mean really, would you look at how freakin’ long this thing is?

Here’s the article, but do NOT take their word for it. As always, TEST TEST TEST.

So what about the timing of your email?

Sending it during work hours can lower your open rates. Average click rates begin declining at 6 am EST, and are lowest at 12 pm. Then they increase at 4 pm, and reach a peak at 12 am.

Download’able Quote Card “Email Marketing Tips For B2C : Length And Timing Can Determine Email Open Rates…”

Email Marketing Tips For B2C

Cover Photo by Ben Grey and covered under Creative Commons

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