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Quick Marketing Tip To Decrease Refunds & Increase Name Recognition...

Thursday, May 28th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

May 28
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Ok, so todays quick marketing tip focuses on an all too common scenario – you sell something and the next day the customers asks for a refund.

Or you sell a product, but when you send emails to the customer, they’ve got no idea who the hell you are.

Here’s a simple quick marketing tip to simultaneously help you on both of these fronts:

Split your product up into 4 separate modules and deliver each one a week apart. This means you’re delivering your product over a 22 day period – still well within a 30 day money back time frame. The first module goes out immediately, the second one goes out on day 8, the third on day 15 and the forth on day 22.

This will reduce refunds because customers are waiting to get all of the material, and in the process they’ll tend to forget about the refund.

And because they’re expecting your future releases, you’ll enjoy better name recognition from them, helping to ensure they open future emails.

This works exactly the same for service delivery too. Split it up in a similar fashion so the customer doesn’t the full dog and pony show on the first visit, it’ll keep them excited and waiting for more.

If because of the nature of your business you need to deliver everything in one fell swoop, why not set the scene and offer an “unannounced special bonus” which will be delivered in 7-10 days after the initial product / service. The customer will be super excited meaning exact same thing will happen.

Download’able Quote Card “Quick Marketing Tip To Decrease Refunds & Increase Name Recognition…”

Quick Marketing Tip

Cover Photo by Ben Husmann and covered under Creative Commons

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