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Simple Marketing Tip To Turn 1 New Subscriber Into 4...

Friday, June 19th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Jun 19
Marketing Tips

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Today I have a stupid simple marketing tip for you to turn 1 new subscriber on your website into 4.

So here goes…

Once your new subscribers opt-ins (signs up / enters their email address), offer them a special bonus for referring 3 others to your opt-in page.

Ideally, this bonus should deliver on a very big promise and be available no where else.

Not every new opt-in will take you up on this.

BUT even a small percentage can add a substantial number of new subscribers to your email list.

Like I said a stupid simple marketing tip but an effective one non the less.

Download’able Quote Card “Simple Marketing Tip To Turn 1 New Subscriber Into 4…”

Simple Marketing Tips

Cover Photo by Katie Brady and covered under Creative Commons

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