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Unusual Marketing Tips From Nigerian Scammers...

Friday, May 1st, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

May 01
Unusual Marketing Tips

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Ok some unusual Marketing Tips today, this kinda email sound familiar…

“My uncle was the oil minister of Nigeria and deposited $50 million in a U.S. Bank account which I can’t access unless you help me. Oh yes, and for your help I’ll split it with you.”

Recognise it right?

What kind of a clueless idiot would fall for this?

Well, if you were to ask a Nigerian scammer, he might tell you that “clueless idiots” are their target market, and by making their scam so easy to spot by most people, they actually shrink their funnel to just those folks who will actually jump at their bait…

Interesting eh and makes for an unusual marketing tip – read more here.

Cover Photo by B Rosen and covered under Creative Commons

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