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Small Business Online Marketing Help With Cliffhangers and Teasers...

Sunday, February 15th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Feb 15
Small Business Online Marketing Help

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Small Business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers, how do you keep your online readers coming back for more?

By utilising that literary gem, the cliffhanger.

I’ll show you exactly how to use cliffhangers and teasers to increase yours sales, but first a little background…

We’ve all been caught up in a story only to realize it was continued in the next chapter, instalment, episode or issue. And wouldn’t you know it, they ended the present instalment right when something HUGE was about to happen!

Coincidence? Of course not.

When Dallas ended their series with “Who shot JR?” it was all people talked about for the entire summer. I mean wow, that was nearly 3 decades ago, and people still refer to it today.

But what if they had shown you who shot JR before they ended the series?

… It’s likely no one would even remember that JR got shot at all.

It’s the suspense that keeps us watching the movie or tuning in each week to the TV show or watching the 6 O’clock News  because of that teaser they threw at us earlier in the evening that said, “Is your Christmas turkey safe to eat?” Find out at 6:00,” or “Is the water you’re drinking causing you cancer? Find out at tonight at 10:00.”

You can use this technique in your own marketing.

For example, when writing a series of emails, end each one with a major benefit of what they’ll discover in the next email. When writing a sales material, promise to teach them something they really want to know, but first delve more deeply into why they need your product / service.

… And when writing blog posts, either throw out a teaser at the end that sends them to another blog post or sales letter, or use the JR method and leave them hanging until your next post.

Cliffhangers and teasers can be your best friend when it comes to getting your emails opened, your marketing collateral read and people hanging on your every word.

If you look closely, you’ll notice I even deployed this technique in the first paragraph of this article.

It got you to keep reading, now didn’t it? 😉

Cover Photo by Leonardo Pallotta and covered under Creative Commons

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