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Sir Alan, Email Marketing Help, And How Idiots Track Success…...

Monday, March 9th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

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So last week I was speaking at event and overhead these two guys talking about email marketing help. I say talking, from where I was standing it looked like a one-way conversation.

… We’ve all been there, stuck in a room of people you don’t know, and somehow you’re stood next to the one jackass who thinks he’s Sir Alan Sugar!

Anyway, Sir Alan (that’s what we’ll call him for the sake of this story) is bragging to this poor guy about how great he his at email marketing.

Now I didn’t hear the exact numbers but he was spouting something like he gets 50% open rate on his emails and over 25% of those click.

… First of all bullshit!

… And second of all who cares.

Why? Because how the hell do you pay your bills with opens, clicks and visitors?

You see, it’s about time some one said what needs saying – those numbers don’t mean a thing.

Let’s put it this way, say you get 10 visitors to your website, and our villain for today, Sir Alan, gets a million visitors. (I’m using crazy numbers here to prove a point)

Out of your 10 visitors, 5 of them buy a £1000 product. You’ve just made £5000.

Now, Sir Alan doesn’t sell a single thing to any of his million visitors, but there he is, bragging about his traffic and trying to sell you on why you should listen to him to replicate his “results”…

Are you going to think you’re doing poorly?

You are if you measure your success by his terms. You see to many business owners spend wasted hours focusing on the hits they get to their website, when all that matters is the bottom line.

In fact, do you know what the term “hits” or website hits actually stands for?

H – how I – Idiots T – Track S – Success

The crux of it is that so much of what people try to peddle in marketing is simply smoke and mirrors, and means utter nonsense.

OK, so let’s say you have an email subject line that says:

“Naked hot movie star pics”

… and because of it’s nature you get a 100% open rate. …BUT you’re selling accounting services. How many sales will you get?

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Likely none.

But Charlie, I hear you saying “I got a 100% open rate, that should count for something, right?”


Because, let’s say you’re still selling the exact same accounting service, but your subject line is, “How to save £1000 a year on your taxes.”

This time your open rate is 10%, but from that 10% you make 10 sales.

Which is better?

The 100% open rate and no sales? OR the 10% open rate and 10 sales?

The next time some one talking to you about email marketing help – bragging about their opens, clicks and visitors, ask them one question: How much in SALES are they doing? Because that’s the only statistic that pays the bills.

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Cover Photo by Say_No_To_Turtles and covered under Creative Commons

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