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What’s The BIG Secret To Marketing Your Business?...

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Nov 24

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Paul Graham’s worked with an insane amount of entrepreneurs over the past 6 years offering marketing help, growth support, funding and mentoring over 500 start-ups. Some of them were and are HUGE successes. So when Paul speaks, people listen.

When asked, “What’s the secret of marketing a startup?” Paul responded, “You’ve got to start with a small, intense fire.”

That is, find a small number of first users, like Apple found 500 people to buy the Apple 1. You don’t start by trying to please everybody, you start like Apple and Facebook and find your first users and just focus on making them really, really happy. You focus everything on them, and you make them so happy they’d be really bummed if you stopped making the product or performing the service.

And when you reach that point, then and only then do you expand.

Cover Photo by RestrictedData and covered under Creative Commons

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