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5 Key Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Profits...

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

Mar 23

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There are really only 5 key marketing strategies to increase the money you’re earning in your business. With pretty much every technique, tip and method you can think of falling into one of five categories.

And implementing just one of these methods can put more money in your pocket within the next week – can you guess which one(s)?

1. Get more traffic to your offer
2. Increase the profit you’re making on each sale
3. Sell more stuff to your current customers
4. Cut your expenses
5. Make more sales

If you do all five, obviously you’ll see more of an increase in profits. But some of these take more effort than others, so let’s review them one by one:

Get more traffic to your offer

This is much easier said than done.

You can tweak your SEO to rank higher, you can solicit joint ventures, you can hit the social media and even buy traffic. While all of these can be good, none of them tend to be quick or easy.

Increase the profit you’re making on each sale

You might do this by increasing the price of your products & services. Then again, increasing your prices might decrease your sales, so study the market before you do this.

If you’re providing a service rather than a product, it’s entirely possible you might earn more by charging more, since you can focus on gathering a few big (ie: well paying) clients rather than servicing a lot of low paying clients.

Sell more stuff to your current customers

This can be a really simple thing to do and it’s one of two that I recommend you work on this week.

If you don’t have a one time offers of upsells in place as part of your sales funnels, add them. Even if it’s not your product.

For example you could buy resale rights or strike a deal with another product or service provider that sells complimentary products.

Next, if you offer downloadable Lead Magnets, place links to current offers on your download page.

Your download page is the first thing a customer sees after making a commitment, meaning it’s the perfect time to offer them something different but related.

Cut your expenses

Unless you have significant expenses to begin with, this won’t give you much return on your time.

For example, if you switch hosting to a company that’s £3 cheaper a month, how much are you really saving?

You’ll have to switch everything over, and if you’re happy with the service you have now you’re potentially switching to a less reliable service.

Use caution with this one.

Make more sales

This might be the easiest of all, as well as the fastest to employ.

You’re going to tweak your sales copy and even your sales process to increase your conversion rate.

Think about this..

You don’t have to drive any more traffic or even offer any more products to make more money with this.

You simply need to increase the number of people who say yes.

Let’s say that right now your product sells for £47, it’s converting at 3%, and you’re getting 3000 unique visitors to your sales page each month. If you increase your conversion rate by just 1%, you’ll make another £1410 per month.

Best of all, you only need to tweak, test and improve once to reap these added sales for as long as you’ve got traffic going to that sales page

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5 Key Marketing Strategies to increase profits

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