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The Best Marketing Strategy To Get Free Publicity...

Thursday, May 7th, 2015 by Charlie Hutton,

May 07

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In terms of free publicity the best marketing strategy I’ve seen used is to make a name for yourself by declaring a National ___ Day.

You fill in the blank.

You contact the media.

Play it right and you might even get picked up by the big media players.

Tips: Don’t just be creative, be outrageous.

If your product is peanut butter, don’t simply declare it to be National Peanut Butter Day, make it National Peanut Butter Wrestling Day and get some gorgeous women in bikinis to wrestle in a vat of the stuff, or challenge people to walk across it without falling in (much like walking on water, only easier.)

Make it fun and above all make it memorable and interactive.

Your product is copiers?

Make it National Photocopy Your ___ Day and hold a contest for the best one.

Your product is building websites?

Make it National No More Ugly Websites Day and activate a dozen new profit and non-profit websites at once in front of the media.

Your product is teaching people about blogging?

Hold a National New Bloggers Day and do a live webinar in which you teach a thousand people how to start their first blog right there in real time.

And if you can donate proceeds to a charitable cause, you’re even more likely to get media attention.

So go for it.

Be a little crazy and start putting the best marketing strategy for free publicity into your business.

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The Best Marketing Strategy

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