Your Daily Declaration And Iron Bulletin 

January 27, 202210:30 pm
The Great British Flake Off… I read this beauty yesterday:
Suffolk County Council has stopped using traditional signs warning drivers ‘Cat’s eyes removed,’ after fears that real cats may have been killed to manufacture these reflective road safety measures.Ipswich resident Rebecca Brewer was reported ...
January 25, 20228:30 am
Another Dickhead In Sheep’s Clothing Here is a walkie Talkie message fresh in from a long-standing Fellowship member this morning:
Charlie, I’ve just had this email from a potential BIG client, he seems genuine but what do you think brother??!“Your proposal looks great, but ...
January 23, 20224:30 pm
Time To Cut The Cord? Holy shit, seems that people can no longer even get themselves to work.
This week I’ve heard stories from three separate men inside of this tribe who are personally picking up staff and taking them to work… 
… For FREE ...
January 20, 20222:30 pm
Selling Secrets Of A High-Class Brothel Right now me and Emma are re-watching Game Of Thrones.
Last night there was an instructive lesson about seduction (and selling), set in Lord Petyr Baelish’s high-class brothel.
As the Master of Coin explained the ropes on successfully selling sex ...
January 18, 202210:30 am
Make ‘Em Believe – Take Their Money Interesting fact for you today.
Back in the ‘70s the name “Atari” was chosen for the next-gen video game company for one reason and one reason only…
So customers thought they were based in Japan. 
Actually, they were based in ...
January 16, 20224:30 pm
The Truth About Lying Yesterday I got caught in a lie.
Not a big one, but one nonetheless that will have the power to start stealing my soul if I fail to nip the behaviour in the bud.
Because here’s the thing:
Men don’t ...
January 13, 20228:30 pm
Angry Troll Proves My Point… Seems Tuesday’s email on you and I being a direct result of our choices hit a nerve.
So much so it sparked this beauty of a comment from Simon D in Chester:
“Rubbish. What about kids, they don’t have a ...
January 11, 202210:30 am
The War of Choice (Decisions & Fate) Fuck me, I’ve got no idea how the masses manage to make it through the day.
I’ve just filled up the car and heard these fateful words uttered on the forecourt:
“Yeah it’s gaffer’s fault – he refuses to pay ...
January 9, 20224:30 pm
Stop Trying; You’re Wasting Your Time Yesterday I was shooting the shit with an old business friend.
We talked about life, the last year and plans for 2022. 
His response:
“Shit Charlie – how do you do it all?” 
I replied:
“I don’t.”
See here’s the ...
January 2, 20224:30 pm
The ‘Self Discovery’ Bullshit So we’re just 24 hours into the New Year and I’ve already started to see the posts online.
The promises and prophecies of men who are doubling down and committing to being better this year, with self-discovery and finding themselves.

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