Your Daily Declaration And Iron Bulletin 

September 23, 20218:09 pm
The Fool’s Errand Of False Control (Why Most Get Fucked) Sounds like someone wants to be a One Man Band NOT a One Man Empire:
Hi Charlie,
I’m not sure if you’ll pick this up, but still thought I’d reach out.
I want to ask you… Is there a ...
September 21, 202110:09 pm
Lead Generation Question From One Desperate Dude… OK, so let’s talk lead generation.
It’s on the back of a Crusader Call-In with Fellowship members last week, where the question raised was:
“Charlie – Our cost to get a lead through Google Ads is going through the roof… ...
September 19, 20218:09 pm
Make. Provide. Be…?!?! Something to consider this week about the moto, mantra and motivation of the men in this tribe:
“Make More. Provide More. Be More.”
Six words that have been the backbone of this movement since day dot.
The interesting thing being ...
September 16, 20218:41 pm
Man Code: A TRUE Brotherhood… Sounds odd to say it out loud…
… But on Sunday, I was jealous of Barney.
He was at a birthday party and hanging with his mates – eleven of them.
A tribe and a pack, bound in every way ...
September 14, 20218:41 pm
Why So Few?! So on the back of last Thursday’s email on Brotherhood, seems some men are confused about group size – and more importantly asking the question of:
“How many men is optimal for collective honour…?”
So let me explain.
In my ...
September 12, 20214:30 pm
You’re Alive NOW, Man… Here’s an instructive conversation I overheard yesterday, while me and Barney were in the line at Starbucks:
“I’m just waiting the next ten years out – then I’ll be sixty-two, able to retire and do what I like…:” 
September 9, 20218:56 am
Self-Delusion and The Perils of Being Nice… An instructive thirteen words from long-standing Fellowship member Simeon C for you this morning:
“OK this is brutal, but then that is why you joined the group…”
It was the first line of a cutthroat reply he wrote to another ...
September 7, 20218:56 pm
Stop The Bullshit: Today’s Toxic Death Spiral… Three weeks on and it seems that the mass mediocre are still getting their kicks by bulling this country’s next generation.
An all-out war and smear campaign waged by those that deem it honourable as adults to devalue, diminish and ...
September 5, 20216:56 am
The Power Of Unwillingness… Just saw a quote on Linkedin…
Truth is, it’s more of the same arsehole rhetoric that I’ve started seeing a lot over the last few months…
The goal – motivation.
The reality – stagnation.
… Here’s the quote in question:
September 2, 20218:38 pm
Never explain yourself to strangers Here’s an instructive question from Steve H, in Portsmouth:
“Charlie I know you’re busy but I read all your emails so I thought I’d chance it. Business is good, but the better we do, the more hate we seem to ...

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