Your Daily Declaration And Iron Bulletin 

December 1, 20207:29 pm
Did Facebook Just Ban The Most Powerful Word In Copywriting? Woke up to this, this morning…
“167 Of Your Ads Have Been REJECTED“
Or in other words, our entire Facebook advertising account had been punched in the face and shut down in one fell swoop – again.
… And ...
November 29, 20208:55 pm
The Hidden Power Of Amateur Spam… Posted by Matt last night inside our private Fellowship app:
“I would prefer that you stop bombarding me with amateur spam. Your behaviour is a disgrace to our profession”
The amateur spam in question? 
A simple “want to go ahead ...
November 26, 20205:30 pm
Q&A Plus how to use “simple” economics to solve sales slumps… Question in from David in Loughborough:
“Charlie – is there really only 30 men in The Fellowship or is that a marketing and scarcity thing…”
Fair question David, so let me give you the breakdown on group size:
I operate ...
November 24, 202010:15 am
Open Letter To The (Stuck-Up) Woman At The School Gates… I got one of those looks at school yesterday…
I think it was something I said, that caused the icy glare from one particular mum…  
Something to do with me promising to take Barney to McDonald’s as be bounded out ...
November 22, 20206:13 pm
Howard Stern & The War On Feedback Sue flagged this Facebook comment for me on Friday. 
“Charlie, love what you say and I’ve got some feedback…”
I didn’t read the rest.
Those nine words were enough.
I guessed he was going to give me his option on ...
November 19, 20209:51 pm
Rejecting dickhead customers in lockdown 2.0 So it appears that there’s a worrying trend on the rise.
One started by the mindless-mainstream-media and one backed up by the fear that’s starting to seep in.
That trend?
The school of thought that men like you and I ...
November 17, 20209:51 pm
The Power (AND MONEY) In Emotion… Now, I’m a lifelong student of marketing. 
For most men, I truly believe their ability to out-market their competitors will determine their success and reward in this game. 
Especially in this ‘new world’ economy takes its grip.
The good news ...
November 15, 20205:20 pm
“A Ruthless Son Of A Bitch” Someone said this on a call with me this week:
“Charlie you’re a ruthless son of a bitch.” 
Correct. I am. 
When it comes to myself, my priority and my focus I unashamedly act with speed and without mercy. 
In ...
November 13, 20205:54 pm
Private Journal Entry… I wrote this down yesterday:
“You fucking Moran. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Waiting for the vaccine and the New Year is going to BURY YOU. You’ve just told me your competitors are coming and your customers ...
November 12, 20207:10 pm
7 Things More Important To You Right Now Than This Vaccine… Saw this on Linked-in yesterday…
“Well done everyone. This vaccine is great news – I’m hoping it means I can relax until Christmas and then kick start 2021 ”
… Well, if that’s not dumb fuckery of the highest order, ...

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