Your Daily Declaration And Iron Bulletin 

April 11, 20215:50 pm
WARNING: The Lunatics Are About To Be Released From The Asylum… So here’s a beauty of an arsehole comment we got in on the cosmetics business late last night.
Seems now more than ever, people have got time on their hands to let their TRUE colours shine through.
… Now to ...
April 4, 20216:55 pm
No One Is Coming To Save You… I had a “Easter” catch-up with an old friend yesterday and his (pitiful) attitude so far to 2021 can be summed in one short sentence: 
“Why Me?!?!” 
My response: 
“Why Fucking NOT You?” 
… Because let me be clear, in ...
March 28, 202110:56 pm
Self Damnation Since the book launch three weeks ago, Sue’s been handling a flurry of emails and comments online asking this one question:
“Charlie – I don’t want to pay the $4.97 postage, can you just send me the book and post ...
March 21, 202110:21 pm
Discipline = Freedom So yesterday morning I was caught red-handed…
You see, Barney’s been reading “Warrior Kid” by infamous Navy Seal, Jocko Willink – which I’ll be honest is meant for 7-11 years olds, but is possibly the most vital book ever written ...
February 28, 20216:09 pm
Shut The Fuck Up And Train I’ll be honest, over the last six months, my exercise has gone to rat shit.
A long-standing, non-negotiable, daily standard that I’d let get kicked to the kerb and put out to pasture when the going got tough.
Under the ...
February 21, 20218:16 pm
“The Darkest Of All Persuasion Formulas…” So I’ve got good friends out of California.
And yesterday they sent over some of the state-sponsored Valentines PR being rammed down their throats.
The message:
“Love means staying away…” 
… Or in other words, over the last 7 days, ...
February 14, 20216:57 pm
“Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight” There’s an old Japanese proverb that says: 
“Fall down seven times, get up eight”
Which if the rumblings from the men inside of the Fellowship at Wednesday’s closed-door Think Tank are a measuring stick – couldn’t be more relevant this ...
February 7, 20217:44 pm
“Avoid the Weak Willed & Weak Minded…” My mum asked me yesterday…
“Charlie did you see on the news about – …”
I stopped her dead in her tracks because I didn’t see it.
I knew that without her finishing her sentence because the truth is, I ...
January 31, 20216:39 pm
The Art And Science Of Failure… Ok – so if I see another post today about resilience I think I’m gonna end it. 
For the last 7 days straight, all I’ve had rammed down my throat is that the mantra for the modern man should always ...
January 24, 20219:15 pm
STOP The Rot I’ve been reflecting today as we enter another week of this continued shit show.
Funny thing is if the last 10 months have taught me anything it’s the fact that there is something infinitely worse than ever being forced to ...

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