Your Daily Declaration And Iron Bulletin 

November 30, 20219:55 am
Unusually sentimental and sensitive… Well, my friend, that’s it. 
Applications for The Alliance are CLOSED and the opportunity, for now, is done. 
The last couple of weeks have been eye opening on a personal level and (unusually) sentimental…
See, I was prepared for The ...
November 28, 20214:35 pm
Excruciatingly Painful Less than a month to go until Christmas.
The lights are up in town, Barney (my 8-year-old) is adding shit to his list daily, and you can’t walk down the aisle of Tesco without falling over a tub of celebrations.
November 26, 202110:23 pm
*LAST CHANCE* This is your last chance to apply to be part of The Alliance – the brand-new group and evolution from One Man Empire. 
Applications close at 11 pm tonight.  
Go here now to apply.
The post *LAST CHANCE* ...
November 26, 20212:50 pm
Your window of opportunity closes in 12 hrs So, your window of opportunity is closing. 
See, I’m closing down applications to The Alliance in less than 12 hours. 
The good news being, there’s still time to make a move and do what needs to be done.
Discover More ...
November 25, 20219:16 pm
My man-flu and your fork in the road Good news, no covid for me. 
Turns out I’m tired and have a bit of what Emma refers to as ‘man flu’.
And I’ll be honest, I am fucked. 
After formulating The Alliance (the brand-new group here at One Man ...
November 23, 20213:13 pm
Waiting for COVID test results… Well, I might have covid. 
Then again, maybe not.
What’s funny is just before symptoms started, I was thinking about how this pandemic has changed me mentally – as a business owner, as a parent and as a man. 
Never ...
November 22, 20212:06 pm
Questions about The Alliance… I’ve had a LOT of emails this week about the brand-new opportunity and group from One Man Empire – The Alliance. 
Some were from the trolls online…
Why only men – You Sexist! 
And some were from men ...
November 21, 20214:45 pm
Fuck Hope So here’s the thing, I am an innately positive person.
Bold, brash, positive and overly sweary. 
For some it’s too much.For some it’s over the top.For some it’s  excessive.
… But despite all of that, here’s the thing – I ...
November 19, 20211:02 pm
The cusp of something big Here’s the thing to consider today…
Too many men in this game are on the cusp of something B-I-G. 
Yet they are moving slow, standing still, or worse, going backwards.
Because those around them are forcing them to succumb ...
November 18, 20219:58 pm
Time to start making more money and working less hrs? Ever wanted… 
…To confidently ratchet up the money you make and consistently produce profitable customers?
…To be removed from the daily grind and get more freedom and control?
…To lose the isolation and doubt by standing shoulder to shoulder with ...

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