Your Daily Declaration And Iron Bulletin 

June 13, 20215:02 pm
The Power In Fast Failure *Essential Life Lesson Of Man* Something to consider this week:
“Human Nature Is To Be Risk-Avers And Avoid Failure”
A life lesson if you will…
… And a natural instinct of man that’s been backed up by psychologists since the dawn of time.
But here’s ...
June 11, 202110:34 am
Radical Results Upset Mediocre Men The questions are coming in thick and fast this week.
Here’s one fresh off the boat from Micheal in Reading, UK:
“Charlie, I’m doing email, social media, blogs, networking, events, groups and lightly following up BUT the dial isn’t moving. Any ...
June 8, 202110:32 am
“Why are all your testimonials from men…” This fresh in from some arsehole online:
“Why are all your testimonials from men…”
Clearly, he didn’t read the “One Man Empire” bit, or the big fucking headline at the top of the page that says “MEN only!”
Now despite ...
June 6, 202110:31 pm
How The Self Made Man Builds Confidence… Today let me level with you. 
… I’m struggling with a BIG decision.
Deep down I know what needs to be done, but when push comes to shove I’m pretty sure my head is getting in my way and I’m ...
June 3, 20218:30 pm
Why You Can’t Trust Marketing Agency’s… Saw this post on LinkedIn yesterday…
.. It was a local marketing agency recruiting for a “Digital Marketing Executive”…
“We’re looking for someone with the following experience:Experienced in Google AnalyticsExperienced in Google AdsExperienced in Facebook Ad ManagerExperienced in Linked-In Campaign ...
June 1, 20216:30 am
Another Dickhead With A Digital Diploma… OK buckle up because I’m on a rampage today about another dickhead with a diploma.
It’s all on the back of a 90 Day Strategic Strike with a Fellowship member yesterday.
Long and short being, over the last month this ...
May 30, 20216:28 am
The Darkest Intentions: Utilising Male Instincts and Competition for Capitalist Conquest… This morning and after 7 days of failing in a row, Barney finally hit a NEW record.
It’s on the back of him and the rest of his class getting shit from their Sensei at Karate.
… Something to do ...
May 27, 20219:44 pm
Ethical Strategic Warfare? Now, I don’t know what it’s like in your town, but here in Lichfield, you could sum up the last 14 days with one word, and one word only….
That is all hands to the pump as shops, restaurants ...
May 25, 20219:43 pm
The Secret Of History’s Most Relentless Empires… Walkie talkie message in from Fellowship member Karl L, last week.
“Charlie – just had someone demonstrate LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Looks like I can find who I want to target quickly – any thoughts…”
My response?
Well, simple…
It’s just ...
May 23, 20219:43 pm
Selfishness: The Power To Change Your World… So last week I had a bit of a health scare.
I’ll be honest, the last seven days have consisted of nothing more than appointments, sleepless nights and shitting myself.
Now the long and short of it is, thankfully, I’m ...

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