Your Daily Declaration And Iron Bulletin 

October 21, 20218:39 pm
Something Caused A Stir Last Week… It was Think Tank last week.  
(That’s where all the men of The Fellowship get together and do cool shit.) 
And this month’s big topic was employees, AGAIN, and something was causing a stir… 
Now full disclosure, I’m useless with ...
October 19, 20218:39 pm
The Employee Crisis = New Way Of Life Well, looks this labour crisis is coming for us all.  
From truck drivers to trades, to broken supply chains for everything from food to motherboards. 
I mean… Fuck!
And the cherry on the cake? 
In a move that I suspect ...
October 17, 20214:39 pm
The Power Of Predictability I’m going to say something controversial today. 
See, inside this month’s Iron Bulletin I’ve written about the new James Bond and The Fellowships very own “Q.” 
Now, on our way to the cinema, Emma told me that there is internet ...
October 14, 20218:39 pm
Something For Free Quick one today … 
The latest edition of The Iron Bulletin Newsletter goes to print at 12 pm on Friday. 
Inside I talk about the power of fear, share a couple of insider secrets from The Fellowship, and lay bare ...
October 12, 20218:39 pm
Happy Birthday (To Me)… On Sunday I turned 39.
Meaning, less than a year now until I’m officially middle-aged.
Truth be told, I’m pretty happy about it… 
See while most people moan about getting over the hill, moan life goes too quick and moan ...
October 10, 20214:40 pm
The Definition of Success Is Freedom OK, so if the last two years have taught me anything it’s that none of us really in totally control our own destiny. 
Y-E-T as humans we’re creatures of habit.
… Inherently programmed from the ground up to think, IF ...
October 7, 20219:59 pm
How to profit from the predictability of others Persuasion lesson today…
It’s on the back of a speech I helped Barney with at the weekend.
I say helped, I just gave him the framework, he then filled in the blanks and did all the work.
… It was ...
October 5, 20219:59 pm
Two ways to burn out and die Had these words muttered to me yesterday:
“I’m happy to settle where I’m at – and stand still for now…”
It was during a call with someone who wanted to join the waiting list for The Fellowship.
… needless to ...
October 3, 20217:23 pm
The Secret To Total Confidence Saw a joke this morning:
This year I resolve to be more confident and assertive…
…if that’s ok with you guys.
It made me smile and got me thinking.
Mainly about confidence…
Because there seems to be a ...
October 1, 20219:59 pm
Men who ignore this will lose money Final call for the one seat I currently have open inside of The Fellowship.
… But before you decide to apply, full disclosure and fair warning:
Chances are this will be your last opportunity to get inside of the group ...

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